Al Baker: Twenty Five Dollar Manuscript
Baker, Al: Twenty Five Dollar Manuscript
©1950 (circa) Al Baker
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 16 pages
Al Baker's 25 Dollar Manuscript
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Contents (from book):

1 Al Baker's Billet Reading Extraordinary: envelopes are held to the forehead and the performer divines the question
3 Al Baker's Two Person Slate Test: Medium on stage can answer questions written on slips using a clever swith with the performer
5 My Method of Getting Rid of Flap While In Audience: idea for flap slate
6 How to Exchange a Pack of Cards for a Set Up Pack: idea
7 The Billet Test - Al Baker Method: performer reads questions on slips by holding them to his head
9 Pack That Cuts Itself - Al Baker Method: a deck cuts itself on a saucer
11 The Living and Dead Trick - Al Baker's Way of Doing This Trick
13 Al Baker's Deck of Cards: Al's decription of a gimmicked deck with two special cards
14 Mind Reading Card Trick - Al Baker's Effect With My Pack: a use for the deck described above