James Baker: Illusions Illustrated
Baker, James: Illusions Illustrated
©1984 Lerner Publications Co., MN
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8x7", 120 pages

Also available in a Library Binding

James Baker: Illusions Illustrated
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments: Illustrated by Jeanette Swofford. "Magic Tricks You Can Perform". A children's book of magic. Summary from book, "A description of ten illusions...that together make up a complete magic show with props, patter and working. Concludes with a ten-minute show of six tricks without props."

Contents (from book ToC):

7 Introduction
11 The World's Greatest Magician
17 Dollar in the Orange
25 The Flying Scarf
31 Routined Ropes
31 - Cut and Restored Rope
37 - Spaghetti Factory
43 - Houdini Escape
47 - Two Ropes to One
51 Thinking Cap
57 The Penetrating Ring
63 The Flying Coin
69 An Impossible Prediction
77 Boxing a Ring
83 And So, Good-Bye
87 Presentation, Patter, and Miscellaneous Tidbits
97 A Ten-Minute Magic Show Without Props
98 - A Prediction
100 - Reading Your Thoughts
105 - Poor Handwriting
108 - A Miracle Prediction
111 - Predicting a Number
115 - The Disappearing Coin
119 Conclusion
120 About the Author