Baker, Ken: 21 Himber Wallet Routines
1992 Revised and Reprinted by Magic Methods
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 14 pages
Ken Baker: 21
              Himber Wallet Routines
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Comment: This is a decent booklet with many ideas for Himber Wallet Routines. Some of the "routines" are only a few sentence modifications of other ideas, so don't look forward to twenty one full length routines here! Also see Harry Lorayne's book on the Himber Wallet.


1 21 Himber Two Way Wallet Routines: a short history of the wallet, wallet types, and basic usage
2 Polaroid Money: a printing money routine
4 Torn & Restored Dollar
5 Torn & Restored Bill (another version)
5 Comedy Torn & Restored Dollar: dollar is restored, but is jumbled up
6 Portable ATM Routine: getting a cash advance
7 Portable Check Cashing: cashing a check
8 Oh Oh ...O.D. (overdraft)
8 Rubber Money: gag idea
8 The Fortune Teller: by Ed Mishell
10 A Reputation Making Card Trick: prediction matches a card selection
11 A Spirit Message Appears
11 Card Prediction: card is marked with a stamp
11 Photographic Card: blank cards is "printed" with the selection
12 My Card Sir!: business card presentation
12 Let's Make a Deal: spectators each get losing envelopes, the magician's contains the money!
12 Blank Notes Bank Notes: paper to money
13 Magic Moola: gag for a restaurant
13 IOU Gag: IOU turns to money
13 The Three Way Premonition: with cards
14 The Treasury Dept: torn bill needs to be mailed to the Treasury Department; turns into the restored bill
14 Play Money to Cold Cash!
14 Lottery Redemption: winning ticket turns to cash