Baker, Red, & Milt Larsen: The Wit Parade Number One
©Undated, Baker & Larsen, Hollywood, CA
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 10 pages
The Wit Parade
              Number One
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Comments: 10 pages of comedy one-liners, with lines like, "I see by the paper that a cannibal housewife has just subscribed to a copy of "Who's Who"...I guess she needed a new cookbook."


1 Sock Singles: 14 one-liners
2 Record Ramblings: 17 radio & song related
3 More Singles: 16 more zingers
4 Heckler Hackers: 19 responses to hecklers
5 Monolog: a one page comedy monologue on being a song writer
6 Song Titles: 13 comedy song titles
6 Singles: 4 more one-liners
7 Topical Tidbits: 16 bits about Holidays
8 Song Satire: another monologue about a girl names Sally
9 Introductions: 15 comedy intros
10 T-V Ticklers: 13 one-liners about television