Baker, Roy: The Method Behind the Madness
©Unknown, Roy Baker
Method Behind the Madness
Image courtesy Kaymar Magic
Roy Baker: The Method Behind the Madness


Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Bandit Bill
2 The Growing Egg
3 Knife Through Coat
4 Dotto and Blotto
5 Silks and Cards
6 The Banana Gun
7 The Egg Bag
8 Glass Vanish Fake
9 Fire Hazard
10 Growing Pains
11 Ring on Ribbon
12 Beads of Araby
13 Out of This World Idea
14 Clipity Klip Trick
15 Ring That Bell
16 Three Way Stretch
17 Countdown
18 Ringo Card
19 Tubes of Kioma
20 Twirly Gun