Baker, Roy: Yell-up for Kids (manuscript)
1977 Supreme Magic Co.
Softcover, 6 Pages
blank cover

Comments (Mill Lichter): A Billiard Ball routine designed for children's shows.

Contents: (note: numbers are not page numbers)

1 Things are never what they seem: Audience participation that gets the kids screaming with delight
2 Here is my set-up
3 First steal
4 Picking your assistant
5 The Routine: Easy routine with Fun Patter
6 1st ball: from assistant elbow
7 Vanish ball
8 2nd ball: building up to a crescendo of yelling "you have two balls"
9 3rd ball: more yelling
10 And then there was four: more yelling
11 Vanish four, three, two: more yelling
12 Throw (vanish) last ball to assistant