Baldwin, Samri S.: The Secrets of Mahatma Land Explained
©1895 2nd Edition, Dyson & Son, Brooklyn, NY
Hardcover, 120 pages
Secrets of Mahatma
              Land Explained
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Comments: "Teaching and Explaining the Performances of the Most Celebrated Oriental Mystery Makers and Magicians in all Parts of the World." In a bit of interesting historical note, the preface to the 2nd edition states: "The first edition (comprising ten thousand copies) of this work was printed in Australia. The sale was so unexpectedly great that it was sold out within a few months. Unfortunately not a single copy was left and this edition was very hurriedly rewritten from memory. With the present edition there were many accidents, and it is full of mistakes and typographical errors, not really the fault of the printer but due to extreme haste and imperfect proofreading on my part (caused by illness and great press of other business). When this edition was contemplated it was largely advertised and many orders were taken, bat a fire at first and other accidents later on caused an unavoidable delay in its issue."


5 Preface (Dr. Frank Baldwin)
9 Chapter I How to Become a Mahatma
15 Chapter II Davenport Brothers and Prof. Fay
21 Chapter III Trip to Australia
24 Chapter IV An Adventure in Burma
31 Chapter V I Visit Srinagar and Cashmere
34 Chapter VI Feats of Zulu Witch Doctors
38 Chapter VII Ceylon Rubies
39 Chapter VIII The Basket Trick Explained
42 Chapter IX Indian Conjuring
45 Chapter X A Madras Miracle
49 Chapter XI Egyptian Sorcerers
51 Chapter XII A Fakeer's Fake Funeral
55 Chapter XIII The Great Mango Trick
64 Chapter XIV Mesmerism and Hypnotism
90 Chapter XV Mysterious Disappearances
94 Chapter XVI Madame Helena Blavatsky
104 Chapter XVII Lessons in Clairvoyancy
107 Chapter XVIII The Kenniahs of Borneo
108 Chapter XIX Breaking Stones Upon a Man's Body
111 Chapter XX The Cone of Flowers
113 Chapter XXI Tricks with Lions and Wild Beasts
117 Chapter XXII What the Papers Say