Okito: Quality Magic
Bamberg, Theodore (Okito): Quality Magic
©1921 Will Goldston, Ltd, London
Hardcover, w/dj, 100 pages

Revised edition
©1986 Douglas R. Kornegay and
Craige McComb Snader, Jr.
Exclusive Magical Publications
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 98 pages
Theo Bamberg (Okito): Quality Magic
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Theodore Bambert Okito Quality Magic
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Contents (from book ToC):

2 Dedication
3 Foreword
5 The Bambergs: short bio of six generations of magicians

9 Sleights
9 Thimble Sleights
9 - A Vanish and Recovery of a Thimble
11 - No 2 - Another Method
13 - No 3 - Another Method
14 Coin Sleights
14 - No 1 - A Vanish
15 - No 2 - Another Method
17 - No 3 - Another Method
18 - No 4 - A Single Handed Vanish
20 Billiard Balls
20 - To Vanish a Billiard Ball
21 - Production of One Ball
23 - A New Colour Change for a Billiard Ball
25 Cards
25 - An Instantaneous Change
26 - The Triple Pass with Both Hands Simultaneously
28 - A Deceptive Change of a Card
30 Cigar Manipulation
30 -First Method
30 - Second Method
31 - Cigar Sleight

33 Card Tricks
33 Okito’s Card Mystery: a card selected from 6 in a stand is burnt, but appears in an envelope
36 The Envelope Mystery: answer to a question is found in a sealed envelope, along with a vanished silk
48 Okito’s Thought-Reading Cards: spectator selects famous magician from list of 100, and magician determines selection

49 Small Effects
49 The Hindoo Talisman: a small figure rises in the hand, no IT
50 The Lemon and the Bank Note: borrowed bill to lemon using a gimmicked knife
52 Vanishing "Cloths": several handkerchiefs described that are used to vanish a glass

56 Coin Tricks
56 The Flying Coins: 5 coins are tossed into a covered glass, each heard to arrive, and poured out at the end
59 The Improved Coin Ladder: details on construction and presentation

64 Big Effects
64 The Sympathetic Colours: three liquid colors are mixed yet remain separate, then turn clear, no chemicals
68 The Bewitched Blocks: wooden block letters arrange themselves to spell the chosen word
68 The Japanese Glass Shades: silk vanishes from one glass shade to be found under another, then vanishes
72 The Mysterious Casket: objects vanish as they are tossed into a clear box, uses a servante
74 The Bowls of Gobi — A Chinese Fairy Story: empty bowl in the hands becomes filled with water
77 Okito's New Handkerchief Tray: construction of a tray used to produce a vanished silk from a glass of liquid, but dry
83 The Siamese Cylinders: a vase too large for a cylinder is produced from it anyway
88 The Enchanted Rice: rice vanishes from a tumbler, and is reproduced again
93 Multum in Parvo: three boxes are shown empty, but live pigeons are produced