Steve Shaw (Banachek): Psychokinetic Touches
Banachek (Steve Shaw): Psychokinetic Touches
©1994 Banachek Productions
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 10 pages

©1995 Second Edition
©1999 Third Edition
Banachek: Psychokinetic Touches
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Comments: spectator feels a tap though magician is not near her

Contents (from book):

1 This And That: essay about releasing good effects
3 History of Touches
4 Basic Effect: a ghost taps the spectator's shoulder though performer is far away
4 Routine
4 - Story: background story about Uncle Charlie
5 - Spectators: assembling your spectators
7 Method
9 Staging on Platform
10 Staging for TV
10 Notes