Bandy, Rev. Albert R.: All About Linking Rings
©1976 John D. Standridge, Texas
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 64 Pages

1980 Second Printing
1992 Publishing rights obtained from Paul Diamond by Morrissey Magic Ltd
1993 Third Printing

All About
              Linking Rings
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Comments: 25 Illustrations by Ed Mishell. Note, at least one edition of this book has 72 pages and includes instructions for building your own roll-on table. My copy (1993 Morrisey edition) does not have this.

Contents (from book, slight update 5/2023):

iii Dedication
iv Table of Contents
vii Photograph showing Father Bandy

1 Introduction

5 Section 1. Arranging the Rings

7 Section 2. False Counts
7 2A Simple False Count
7 2B Basic False Count
8 2C Odin False Count

11 Section 3. Holding the Key Ring
11 3A With the Gap Under the Foreigner
11 3B With the Gap at the Base of the Little Finger
11 3C With the Gap at the Base of the Second and Third Fingers

11 Section 4. To Link the Key and a Single
11 4A Rub Key Onto Single
13 4B Twist Single Onto Key
14 4C Twist Key Onto Single
14 4D Strike Key Onto Single
14 4E Hook Key Onto Single
16 4F Take Single From Arm and Link Onto Key
16 4G Take Key From Arm and Link Onto Single
16 4H Quietly Link Single to Key
16 4I Let Single Fall From Arm Onto Key

17 Section 5. To Unlink the Key and the Single
17 5A Rub Single From Key
17 5B Twist Single From Key in Right Hand
20 5C Twist Single From Key in Left Hand
20 5D Take Single From Key and Place on Arm
21 5E Take Key From Single and Place on Arm
21 5F Pull Single Off Key

23 Section 6. To Link Key to a Set
23 6A Link Key to Set From the Bottom Up
24 6B Link Key to Set From Top Down
24 6C Work Key Onto Set
25 6D Work Key From Arm Onto Set
27 6E Join Set-of-Three to Chain of Three

28 Section 7. To Remove the Key from the Set
28 7A Unlink Key From Set From Top Down
28 7B Unlink Key From Set From Bottom Up
29 7C Separate the Chain of Six

31 Section 8. Simulated Linking
31 8A Simulated Twist On
31 8B Simulated Strike On
32 8C Toss Link

33 Section 9. Patterns
33 9A Cloverleaf
35 9B Olympic Rings
36 9C Garden Swing
37 9D Globe
38 9E Opening Flower
38 9F Double-Linked Chain
38 9G Jacob's Ladder
39 9H The letter Y
40 9I The Letter H
44 9J Stirrup
45 9K Jumping Ring

47 Section 10. Special Moves
47 10A Chain-of-Six - For Six-Ring Routines
48 10B Apparently Unlink Key and Show Ring Solid
48 10C Unlink Five Rings Individually From Key
50 10D Link All Eight Rings

53 Section 11. Flourishes
53 11A Spin Right and Left
53 11B Sound the Rings

55 Section 12. Routines
56 12A A TV Routine With Six Rings
57 12B Another TV Routine With Six Rings
58 12C A Platform Routine With Eight Rings
60 12D A Platform Routine With Six Rings
61 12E Another Platform Routine With Six Rings

64 Section 13. Patter Suggestions

67 Build Your Own Roll-On Table: does not appear in all editions