Bandy, Father: Isn't That Good? The Magic of Johnny Brown
©1974 John D. Standridge, TX
Hardcover, 103 pages
Isn't That Good The
              Magic of Johnny Brown
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Father Bandy: Isn't That Good? The Magic of Johnny Brown

Comments: actually a softcover, perfect-bound book in a vinyl cover.


v Foreword

1 Part I Close Up Magic
3 A Color Changing Knives Routine: uses one gimmicked knife, one regular knife, and another gimmicked knife with one handle removed
13 Chop Cup Climax: using a duplicate chop cup
21 The Damdest Dental Dam Trick Ever!: multiple coins thru
23 Big-4 Sponge: sponge ball trick with a number 4 sponge
29 Comedy Sponges: comedy variation
31 Matches Through the Table: almost impromptu with match books
33 Big Penny: a use for your Jumbo Penny
35 Copper-Silver Move: simple and clean-cut
37 Fun at the Sewing Circle: destroyed & restored thread
40 Simplified Expansion of Texture: for coin & handkerchief
45 The Invisible Coin: coin vanish & reappearance
48 The Salt Trick, Close Up: using a TT

49 Part II Stand Up Magic
51 Johnny Brown's Routine and Patter for the Homing Ball: using 2 red balls, a plastic egg, and the cone
58 Appearing Cane Concoction: cane appears from a hat
62 Johnny Brown's Simplicity Tear-Up Table: Magi fires at table, and instead of doves vanishing, the table falls apart
69 Dove Devices: Load Pockets
71 Instant-Production Gimmick: for doves
73 Delayed-Production Gimmick: enhanced version
76 Balloon To Dove: transformation
77 Flash Production: dove production idea
78 Cane to Dove
79 White Gloves to Doves
81 Johnny Brown's Fantastic Dove Production: using a delayed production device
82 Dove From Long Tie
85 Dove from Newspaper
88 Twin Dove Production
91 See No Steal - Cross Arm Dove Production
92 Salt and More Salt: gimmicks described and a sample routine
99 Interlude for Miser's Dream: device to shake coins out of sleeve
101 Poem