Jake Banfield: Magic Tricks With Coins Cards and Everyday Objects
Banfield, Jake: Magic Tricks With Coins, Cards and Everyday Objects
©2017 QEB Publishing, CA
Hardcover, no dj, 8x10", 120 pages
Jake Banfield: Magic Tricks With Coins, Cards and
              Everyday Objects
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Comments: Found at my local Library and designed for the beginner; this book also teaches many intermediate moves and effects. Performance Videos of the Straw Trick, Coin Trick and Napkin Trick are on the Quatro Knows page on YouTube (search author Banfield).

Contents (from book):

4 Foreword (Jake Banfield)
6 Introduction: Jake's magic rules and trios of tricks to make routines
8 Rehearsals and Practice
10 Style and Performance: and what to wear

12 Card Tricks
12 Card Trick Basics
12 - Biddle Grip
12 - Mechanic's Grip
12 - Finger Break
12 - Hindu Force
12 - Top card Control
14 Smell Your Card: uses key card principle
16 Upside-Down Card: selection turns face up in the deck
18 Sneaky Card Swap: card change using a top card control and double lift
20 Pop-up Card: ambitious card using a triple lift
22 Phone Prediction Trick: Hindu forced card revalation is texted to spectator
24 Double-struck Card Prediction: selection becomes only blue backed card in red deck
26 Do-As-I-Do: using two decks, both spectator and magician select same card
28 A Baffling Spell: spelling card trick with 9 cards
30 Card in Mouth: selected card is in magician mouth, uses a card fold
32 Card in Wallet: selection appears between two Aces in spectator's wallet
34 Card in Orange: selection is found in a Orange
36 Si Stebbins' Stack: explained, with a sample trick of knowing what card was cut to

38 Coin Tricks
38 Coin Trick Basics:
38 - Franch Drop
39 - False Transfer
39 - Fake Take
39 - Coin Reproduction
40 Coin Through Hand: one of four coins penetrates the spectator's hand
42 Spellbound Coins: a coin change in the hands using sleight-of-hand
44 Stuck-on Vanish: coin vanish using putty
46 Magical Coin Matrix: coins assemble under a single playing card
48 Torn Banknote...Restored!: but not examinable
50 Bobo's Coin Trick: dime and penny transpo in the spectator's hand using a Bobo Switch
52 Muffin Surprise: marked coin in a muffin
54 Miser's Dream: two coin production with a credit card finale

56 Tricks With Everyday Objects
56 Juggling: idea, no details
57 Karate Clip: paper clip is caught on the finger
58 Napkin Hands: a two-in the hand sponge ball effect using just a torn napkin
60 Triple-jointed Arm: body magic, arm twists too far
62 Linking Rubber Bands: two rubber bands link in the fingers
64 Down the Ladder: a folded banknote moves between rubber bands held in the fingers
66 Napkin Rose: a paper fold
68 Two Cork Trick: one cork is pulled through another
70 Funny Fork Bend: comedy bend, no fork is damaged!
72 Surprise Drink: drink removed from jacket while being removed
74 Magic Thread: Gypsy thread torn and restored
76 Linking Paper Clips: clips on a folded bill or paper link
78 Straw Twist: one straw penetrates another
80 Moving Straw: moving a straw on a bottle
81 Rising Ring: finger ring travels up a rubber band
82 Guess The Candy: two in the hand, one in the pocket with small candies
84 Carrot Chop!: chopping a carrot in two with a bill
86 Out to Lunch: card principle used to vanish a rabbit from a hat
88 Cup and Ball: a quick, single cup and ball routine
90 The Vanishing Bottle: in trying to vanish a coin, a bottle goes through the table
92 Fork Balance: science stunt

94 Mind Reading:
95 - Memory Exercise: trick to memorize a short list
96 Lottery Prediction: 1665 number prediction
98 Card Peek: for a card revelation
100 Candies Have the Answer: using pateo force
102 This, That, and the Other: using magician's choice or equivoque
104 Book Test: simple test using two books, ungimmicked
106 An Inside Job: a simple bank-nite routine, magician gets the winning envelope
108 Salt Packet Prediction: magician predicts remaining salt packet after elimination
110 Cola Can Prediction: drink prediction seems to go wrong
112 Drawing Duplication: key card location used for drawing duplication
114 Add a Number: magician predicts total of three random numbers
116 Magic Square: create a magic square
118 Mind-reading Code: two person code for mentalism

120 Glossary