John Bannon: Bullet Party
Bannon, John: Bullet Party
©2011 John Bannon
Softcover, perfect-bound, 126 pages
Bannon: Bullet Party
Image courtesy Vanishing Inc Magic

Comments: over twelve card tricks and moves.

Contents (from web description, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Bullet Party
2 Bullet Catcher: Cut the Aces from a shuffled pack.

3 Bullet Catcher Routine
4 Drop Target Aces: Aces, buried alive, return with a vengeance
5 Four Shadow Aces: Classic Ace assembly
6 Flipside Assembly: An Ace assembly too weird for words
7 Big Fat Bluff Aces: Another assemble with changes, etc.
8 Box Jumper: card lost in the deck changes places with card in the card box

9 Cache
10 Fat City Revisited: Fine-tuned card sandwiches
11 Poker Pairadox Redux: Classic stacker made fractal, with instant reset
12 Question Zero: Ask not the thought-of card
13 Elias Multiple Shift: touch on a classic sleight
14 Crocodile False Cut: In the hands, no table required
15 Flytrap False Cut