Bannon, John: Impossibilia; The Close Up Magic of John Bannon
1990 L&L Publishing, First Edition
Hardcover, w/dj, 142 pages
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

Comments: Available as an eBook from L&L Publishing

Contents: (from ebook edition, updated Dec 2019)

iii Introduction (Harvey Rosenthal)
v Foreword (John Bannon)

1 1.0 EZFX
1 Play It Straight - Triumph: self working Triumph
4 Discrepancy City Prediction: stopped at card matches its three mates predicted at the start
6 The Unreal Work: Four Queens dealt during a story
8 Cries And Whispers: Jacks used to determine selected cards, then transpose with selections
11 Oh Calcutta: Two predictions of two spectators - one a thought of card, the other the card stopped at; using a Post-it note
17 Twilight Zone Assembly: progressive assembly card routine; uses 5 blank faced cards and a regular deck
22 'Twixt The Devil: Mystery card becomes the signed selection
25 Tourist Class Travellers: Queens vanish from deck to the magician's pockets
28 Travelling Jack's Sideshow Aces: Jacks vanish, change to Aces, and then Jacks are produced
33 Wild In The Straights: Wild-card type effect, where spectator can't find his card among the Jokers
37 A Little T, T, and A: Topsy, Turvy Aces - Four Aces quickly dealt out of a mixed deck, mixed deck rights itself
42 Shock Treatment: another two spectator card selection revelation
45 Creased Lightning: variation of the Mercury Card Fold
50 Terrorist Card Vanish: Card to Can using the above fold

53 2.0 Side FX
53 Two Ahead - Is Better Than One (Bob Kohler): matrix style effect with coins and cards
59 Revolutionary Penetration: Chinese coin off string - no gaffs
63 The Brass Zero: 4" ring off rope
66 Chop: commercial Chop cup routine with several loads
72 Glass Reunion: Coins to glass on the table, the last coin with the spectator holding the performer's wrist
76 Shanghai Surprise: Copper and Silver transposition routine with Chinese coin ending
82 Of Cups And Fuzzballs: Cups and Balls routine performed standing
83 - Sleights Used
87 - Equipment and Preparation
88 - The Routine
93 - The Cups and Fuzzballs Rap
94 Brass-Ackwards Production (Bob Kohler): Boston Box used to produce half dollars
97 Flurry Production (Alan Nguyen): One coin becomes two and then four, with vanishes and productions, no gaffs
100 Triple Threat: Three coin coins across for stand up, or through table
104 Silver/Silver Transposition: Half and quarter transpose in spectator's hand
108 Return To Spender (Bob Kohler): reverse coin matrix

113 3.0 Special FX:
113 Photologic: image of selected card appears on previously blank slip of paper
118 The Birnman Revelation (Jack Birnman): Quick cut to the Aces
121 - Original Birnman Handling
123 Coins Across The Water: Three marked coins are vanished and reappear inside an envelope; using a LePaul style card to envelope wallet
128 Shriek Of The Mutilated: cigarette paper torn and placed on a pin head and heated, where a flash is seen and the paper restored

131 Bonus Section: Real Men Don't Carry Coin Purses
132 Introducing the Coin Pouch: Moves and sleights with the coin pouch; style with a folding lid
132 Part One - Sleights & Subtlety
134 - The Action Load
135 - The Action Steal
135 - Not So Secret Compartment
136 Part Two - Some Routines
136 Coin Of Voodoo: Chinese coin on string, ends up in coin purse
138 Pouched Copper/Silver: Marked half and copper transposition in coin purse
139 Five-Star Engraved Production: A brass disk in a coin purse has imprinted the prediction of a card

142 Endpapers