Barnhart, Norm: Amazing Magic Tricks Beginner Level
2009 Capstone Press Edge Books
Hardcover, 32 Pages
ISBN 13: 978-1-4296-1942-4
              Amazing Magic Tricks

Comments: Children's book of magic. This is book One of a series, the others being Apprentice Level, Expert Level, and Master Level. This series is typical of most children's books of magic in that the amount of text that explains how to present the effects is very limited. Thus, the books end up being mosltly a series of tricks rather than a good introduction on performing magic. Also, these books are relatively short in comparison with similar books on the subject (each contains about 10 tricks). I wonder if these are intended primarily for Library use? Photos are in color and very clear.


4 Opening
4 Amazing Magic!: Introduction

6 Tricks
6 The Magical Sailor's Knot: a knot instantly appears in a rope
8 Tricky Treats: appearing candy (under handkerchief)
10 Find the Magic Rabbit: Center Tear principle
12 Jack, the Incredible Card: cup balances on playing card
14 Wonderful Appearing Wand: from box of candy
16 Invisible Magic Glue: wand sticks to hand
18 Amazing Appearing Ball: a ping pong ball falls from an apparently empty cup
20 The Fantastic Flower: a flower is produced from a pot after seeds poured in
22 The Mysterious Car Trick: magician determines which bag holds the toy car
24 Zarcon The Invisible Hero: toy figure vanishes from under handkerchief (accomplice)
26 Fast Rabbit and the Ace: card trick

30 Closing
30 Glossary
31 Read More
31 Internet Sites
32 Index
32 About the Author