Barnhart, Russell: The Master Palm
1975 Magic, Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 78 pages
Barnhart: The
              Master Palm
Image courtesy Magic, Inc.

Comments (from Magic, Inc. catalog): During his Princeton years, Russell worked in a nightclub doing close-up magic, and he has frequently entertained in that medium in his busy New York life since. He knows the value of a card trick that "entertains" and this is what he focuses on in "Master Palm." Careful, concise thinking written up in clear language helps you to learn the 17 sleights and 15 tricks more easily. Photographically illustrated.


3 Introduction

5 Part I Cup Shuffle
9 Left Hand Bottom Palm
10 First Variation
12 Second Variation
13 Third Variation

13 Part II The Master Palm
17 Master Palm Sleights
17 Right Hand Side Steal Slip
17 Right Hand Side Slip Steal
17 Spread Replacement
17 RH Bottom Stock Steal
18 Erdnase Shuffle Side Slip
21 Knee Shuffle Steal
26 Thumb Flick Steal
28 Aladdin Switch
33 Flip Add On
34 Twist Add On
36 Turn Add On
36 Middle Add On
37 Spread Slide Slip
41 Master Palm Fan Steal

50 Part III Close Up
50 Cut Force
50 Cut Force w/RB Card
51 Transposition
53 Fatal Fingerprint
56 Poker Generosity
57 Schulien's Pile
59 Imposter Card
61 Color Change and Return
63 Egotist Card
65 Quick Change
66 Divining Rod
70 Four Ace Assembly
72 The Changling

73 Part IV Stand Up
73 Two Cards to Pocket

76 About the Author