Barnowsky, Larry: 21st Century Coin Mechanics
©2005 Larry Barnowsky, A Gyromagnetic Publication
Hardcover, w/dj, 8.5x11", 135 pages
Barnowsky: 21st
              Century Coin Mechanics
Image courtesy Larry Barnowsky

Comments (Larry Barnowsky): 21st Century Coin Mechanics is a book explaining some of the latest original advancements in sleight of hand with coins. 25 chapters and over 300 crisp black and white photos teach you in detail how to learn and perform these sleights and routines...All of the effects except one are done stand up and all are done with silver dollar coins. You can use smaller coins of course. Most of the effects use no coin gaffs.

i Preface
ii Introduction

3 Section One: Necessary Sleights
3 Palms and Grips
6 Flying Changeover Palm (FCOP)
10 Flying Changeover Palm Vanish
14 Pivoting Changeover Palm
17 Flying False Count
20 Retention Trip Vanish
23 Universal Retention Vanish (URV)
28 Open Palm Retention Vanish
32 Double Helix Change
36 Double Helix Acquitment
40 Ross Bertram Multiple Coin Changeover Palm
43 Dollar Deposit Load
46 URV Toss Switch
48 Over Easy Change and Acquitment

54 Section Two: Routines
54 Copper Silver By Brute Force: Copper Silver transpo
58 Four Coins To Pocket: only four coins (teaches FCOP false count)
66 Boomerang Coins: coins across with four silver dollars
72 Coins From Vegas: Midas Dream in the hands
83 Digestible Coins: stand up with three coins
87 Field of Dreams: coin assembly
96 Lucky Chinese Coin: copper/silver routine
104 Foreign Exchange: Wild Coin theme
109 Shear Force: Silver dollar penetrates balloon
115 The Watch, Wallet, and Ring: Effect popularized by Tommy Wonder but done with sleights
127 The Recalcitrant Coin: one coin and silk routine
134 References