Larry Barnowsky: Counting on Deception
Barnowski, Larry: Counting on Deception
©2013 Larry Barnowski
Hardcover, w/dj, 256 pages
Barnowski: Counting on Deception
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Contents (from Larry's website, numbers are not page numbers; descriptions compiled from

1 Nine Shuffle Paradox: shuffles with a 24 card deck end with blacks face up and reds faith down and featuring the Gilbreath principle
2 15 Card Poker Deal: story trick with a gambler with the Constant Stack
3 Sort-ability: applies same math concpet to a packet of 15 cards
4 Iron Certain Poker
5 Four For Sure: spectator finds four of a kind
6 Ambitious Card
7 One At A Time Aces
8 The Trick That Fooled Me: cards become separated by suit
9 Underhanded Deception: number of face down cards predicted
10 Impromptu Pascal’s Pyramid Prediction: value of addition pyramid predicted
11 Eliminating Control
12 The 39th Card: prediction of the result from three card piles
13 Until There Were Four: packet sorts to five piles of four of a kind
14 Loser’s Poker
15 Prime Number Prophecy: prediction in wallet for a new deck
16 Shall We Switch
17 All Roads Lead to Rome: uses memorized deck stack
18 Match Game: red/black separation
19 Hidden Order
20 Pascal’s Prediction
21 Pass the Pack: multiple spectator participation where magician deals himself four of a kind
22 The Uncertainty Principle: three phase routine for any memorized deck
23 As Many Hands As You Want
24 Oldest Trick in the Book
25 Drawing a Blank: version of six card repeat with a chosen card effect
26 Parallel Uniforce
27 Shuffle Survivor
28 The Fabulous Athletic Aces

29 Crayola Payola: spectator colors a card and prediction matches card and colors
30 Periodic Table Prediction
31 Abracadabacus: abacus matches a selected date
32 Salty Air: a production of salt
33 Mind Reading Cards: prediction of number selected from a set of cards
34 Force To Be Reckoned With
35 Tale of the Tape
36 The Illusion of Free Choice
37 No Lose Musical Chairs

38 Coins, Cards, and Caps: find the object under the cap
39 Change of Mind
40 Undercover Queen

41 Patriotic Balls: chop cup routine with a a small cover that fits under the cup
42 Color Me Clairvoyant: magician identifies color of balls in a bag
43 Silent Colorama: magician names outcome of switches of three balls
44 Glass, Tube, and Bag Mystery: sponge ball, tube, and glass routine