Barnowsky, Larry: Kingdom of the Red
And Two Dozon and Two Other Acts of Deception
©2007 Larry Barnowsky A Gyromagnetic Publication
Hardcover, 240 pages
ISBN: 0-9764790-1-X
Kingdom of the Red
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9 Preface
11 Introduction

15 Alignment of Colors at Montauk Point: cards separate to red and black
23 Binary Predictions: duplicate letter tile found in locked box
31 Comedy Rope and Ring: small ring and rope
45 Dice/No Dice: uses special gaff, which you can make or buy
53 Entropy I and II
61 Flying Single and Double Spinner
67 Gateway Through Space and Time: coins
77 Haunted Cabinet: illusion to build
89 Intrusive Black Threes
99 Juxtaposed and Joined
105 Kingdom of the Red: cards
117 Lost in Limbo
125 Magic Lesson: sponge ball
135 Natural Selection
139 Outer Limits
147 Peace Dollar Production
151 Quantum Spinner
155 Rendezvous Aces: cards
165 Shuffle, Cut, and Fold
173 Three Lesson Monte: a take anywhere Monte
181 Urokinase
191 V-Cut
197 Wedding Ring Redux: finger ring and cord
211 Xanthomorphic Coins
215 You Do as I Do with My Dough: Dollars and Cards, magician always wins
221 Zero-Sum Game
230 Bonus Effect: All Heads Up
235 Bonus Sleight: Backhand Coin Change