Larry Barnowky: Magica III - Gems From the Repertoire
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica III - Gems from the Repertoire
©2017 Larry Barnowsky
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 132 pages
Barnowsky: Magica III - Gems from the Repertoire
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Contents (from Larry's website, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Magician vs Card Mechanic: cards
2 Hat Trick: a sort of cup & ball routine with three balls and a baseball cap
3 Dating Game: Kings find the Queens
4 Three Coin Quickie: coins across
5 Rescue Me
6 Flushed
7 Diamond Spell
8 You Must Be Joking: blue backed Jokers change to red and back again, with a startling climax
9 Data Mining
10 Entangled
11 Revisible Balls: a cups and balls routine with cardboard coffee cups
12 The Time Tunnel: half dollars penetrate a solid partition in a round wooden box
13 No-Way Nines
14 Imaginary Balls: silk, sponge balls, and a small box
15 Aces in Unexpected Places
16 GPS
17 Magnetic Ink
18 Two Tricks in One: Aces and chosen card effect
19 Sleight of Thumb
20 The Speed of Magic: English Penny and half dollar tranpspose between card case and box
21 Face-up Revelation
22 Impossible Prediction: double prediction with cards
23 Let's Make a Deal: borrowed ring to key case