Larry Barnowski: Magica Analytica
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica Analytica
©2014 Larry Barnowsky, Gyromagnetic Press
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 104 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9764790-4-8
Barnowski: Magica Analytica
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Comments: Color Photography by Esther Miller. From the website: "From the title of this book, one would expect magic effects based on analytical principles of mathematics, and you’d be partially correct. However, no knowledge of mathematics is needed to learn and perform any of the routines taught in this book...Not every effect in this book is mathematically based. Four of them, including the first chapter rely on basic sleights and moves. For a little variety, I’ve even included a fabulous coin trick." Layout of the book provides Effect, Skills Needed, Props Needed, Setup, Explanation and Script (patter), Discussion, Summary of Script.

Contents (from book, updated April 2023):

9 Preface (Larry Barnowsky)
11 Introduction: layout of the book
12 Definition of Terms

13 The Capture of the Jackson Mob: card trick detective story
19 Misplacing the Aces: Face up Aces appear to vanish from the deck, then appear face up in the face down deck
23 Cheating with Mathematics: using the last three numbers of a bill's serial number, cards are selected and poker hands dealt, resulting in a royal flush in Spades
26 - Another Number Force
27 Overhanded Deception: the number of face down cards in the deck match a chosen number
31 Evenhanded Deception: deck is shuffled half face up and half face down and a few cards turned over, then the number of face down cards in a packet match a prediction
35 Awe-Sum: end result of four black and four red cards match a prediction
39 Rings of Alexandria: using cards and an ancient counting device, the final number on the device matches the number of cards in the pocket
42 - Variation Two
43 - Variation Three
44 - Variation Four
48 - Constructing Rings of Alexandria
49 The Arch of Sunzi: magician after back is turned announced correct number of cards in spectator's pockets
53 All That Remains: magician names the number of cards in the spectator's pocket
59 Euler’s Force: using a drawing with dots and lines, the chosen card is located
63 Awe-Sum Force - Dürer’s Prediction: values of chosen cards match a prediction
66 - The Arch of Sunzi: story line for if you use the apparatus described
67 Wire Transfer: copper silver transpo and vanish, using a C/S coin, silver and copper coins, and you should be wearing a ring
73 Convoluted Revelation: dealing leaves one face up card that matches a selection
77 The 27 Trick: numbers used to count down to a card, which matches a selection
81 The Utterly Easy Stop Trick: spectator says stop, that value is used to deal more cards, to the chosen selection
85 Duel of the Experts: gambling demonstration
91 Picasso’s Pick-a-Card Trick: numbers used to deal cards, finding the selection
95 Set Point: cards are mixed and eliminated, ending with the selected card
99 Match Point: two selected cards end up next to each other when spectator's and magician's packets are mixed

102 References: with B&W photos of the author   
104 About the Author