Baron, Harry: My Best Close Up Trick
©1954 Lyndon Books, Radnorshire
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 36 pages
My Best Close Up
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Harry Baron (editor): My Best Close Up Trick

Comments: Previous book was My Best Card Trick. Close-Up tricks by Harry Baron, Bobby Bernard, Gus Davenport, Alexander Elmsley, Douglas Francis, and Edward Victor. Each section includes a brief introduction to the author of the trick. Color changing penknife note: in the Alexander Elmsley routine, he states that he invented the "chameleon" knife four years previous (so around 1950?), but then discovered that others had previously come up with the same idea, the earliest he could find being Walter Jeans.


3 Foreword (Harry Baron)
7 My Sponge Routine (Harry Baron): with two spectators
12 Three Little Pigs (Harry Baron): another sponge ball routine, ending with empty hands
16 The Contrary Spook (Bobby Bernard): a small skull raps answers to questions
19 Matchination (Gus Davenport): match is taken from an empty matchbox
21 Ring And the String (Gus Davenport): a simple approach, using the magician's own finger ring
21 The G.D. Coin Fold: for a coin vanish
24 Jeans Chameleon Knife (Alexander Elmsley): Uses a Chameleon/Visible Change knife and a matching color change knife, and a third white regular knife.
25 - Sleeving a Penknife
26 - Notes
27 - The Paddle Move
29 Financial News (Douglas Francis): three borrowed bills and three newspaper pieces are balled up, and transpose between two hats
32 Transmutation (Edward Victor): a penny wrapped in tinfoil is heated and turns into a silver coin
34 - Editor's Note: a slightly different version by Joe Stuthard
34 Glossary and Bibliography
34 - Coin Folds
34 - Coin Palming
34 - Coin Steals
34 - Coin Switching
35 - Colour Changing Pocket Knives
35 - Finger Palm for Coins
35 - Mexican Jumping Beans
35 - Sleeving
36 - Sponge Ball Manipulation
36 - The Tourniquet
36 - Books Dealing With Close Up Magic and Pocket Tricks