Barr, George: Science Tricks and Magic for Young People
©1968 George Barr and Mildred Waltrip
Published by Dover Publications, NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 5.5x8.5", 126 pages
Barr: Science Tricks and Magic for Young People
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George Barr: Science Tricks and Magic for Young People

Comments: Illustrated by Mildred Waltrip. "This Dover edition, first published in 1987, is an unabridged republication of the work first published in 1968 by the McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, under the title, Fun and Tricks for Young Scientists"


5 Preface
9 Introduction
13 Fun with a Clothes-hanger
16 Centrifugal Puzzle
22 A Very Quick Way to Lose Weight
24 The Obedient Propeller
28 The Frisky Handball
33 Hilarious Party Race
36 Merrymaking with a Vacuum Cleaner
37 - Demonstrating Anti-Gravity
40 - Photograph of a Bewitched Ball
42 - Magnetic Air Molecules
44 - The Clinging Ping Pong Ball
46 - Bernoulli Again!
47 - A Cheery Reaction Motor
52 Catching Air in a Paper Bag
55 Adorable Diving Doll
59 Identifying Hard-Boiled Eggs
60 This Trick Is a Corker!
61 A Personal Test for Life
63 The Dissolving Coin
68 Dancing Ping-Pong Ball
71 The Impossible Circuit
77 Doodling with a Rubber Band
82 Colorful Whirligigs
87 Skinny Printing
90 Fooling Around with Numbers
100 Creating Secret Messages
106 Making a Five-Pointed Star with One Snip!
109 Cross-Cutting Pastimes
111 Walking Through a Calling Card
113 The Unthinkable Peg
118 Riddles, Jokes, and Such
125 Index