Joe Barry & John Cottle: Operandi Issues 104
Barry, Joe & John Cottle (editors) Operandi Magazine Issues 1-4
©2016 Joe Barry & John Cottle: Operandi Magazine
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 30-40 pages per issue
Joe Barry & John Cottle: Operandi Magazine
Issue 4 Image courtesy eBay seller jonroyle100

Comments: Operandi magazine (not to be confused with Jon Racherbaumer's Modus Operandi magazine) was advertised as "Half magazine, half magic book, Operandi is unique publication which brings you a selection of card tricks not published anywhere else, as well as several interviews with our favourite card magicians." Operandi launched at the Blackpool Magic Convention February, 2016.

Contents (from magazine ToCs):

Issue One Feb 2016
4 Echoed
6 The Worker Interview
8 From the Notebooks
10 Illogical Revolve-Cut Production
12 Card at Date
13 No Thanks to Zarrow
14 The Stacking Drill
16 Year One in Photos
18 Casual Strip-Out Shuffle
20 A Conversation With Michael Weber
23 Killer 21
25 The Modus Guide to Playing Cards
26 Swivelosis

Issue Two Dec 2016
4 Instant Cutting Production (Thomas Rosenkranz)
6 Self-Working Turnover Pass (Justin Higham)
9 Introducing Brad Hodgins and Ross Taylor
10 Eagle Eye (Brad Hodgins)
12 Dead Aim (Ross Taylor)
14 Target Practice (John Cottle)
16 Flying With Balloons (Joe Barry)
18 2 Way Out
20 Stuart's Strip Poker (Joe Barry)
22 A Conversation With Luke Jermay
28 Pick a Card Poker (Luke Jermay)
30 Four Card Blackjack (Luke Jermay)

Issue Three (from web description, page numbers estimated)
4 Two-card Dowsing (Luke Jermay): card at number plot
6 One for the boys #1 (Ross Taylor & Charlie Ordaina): A impossible card find
10 10 Commandments For Attending A Card Session
12 How To Cheat At Cards: favourite books on cheating at card games
14 A Lie Detector Routine (Joe Barry): gambling effect
17 A Conversation With Gary Plants: including two unpublished card effects
22 Border Control: A hidden secret within well known deck of cards is revealed
26 Turning Around And Going Home (Joe Barry): updated handling of the ‘Biddle trick’
28 The Psychological Spread Force (Joe Bary): card force.

Issue Four
4 The Stacking Drill #2
6 Quick-Fire Questions With Jared Kopf
8 Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind
14 10 Commandments for Attending a Magic Convention
16 Ice Cold Decks Part 2 (Derrick Chung)
18 Blankjack
20 The Real Secrets of Card Trimming (Steph Lecasse)
26 Trimmers Explained
30 Strippers Stripped Bare
32 Persistence
34 Double Shared Prophecy