Barry, Dick: Magic With Class
©1994 Dick Barry, San Clemente, CA
Softcover, comb-bound, 132 pages

©1998 2nd Edition
Magic With Class 1st Ed
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seller DavidRowyn
Magic with
2nd Ed Image courtesy e-Bay
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Comments: Compiled & Edited by Jim Kahlert. Illustrated by Dick Barry & Jim Kahlert. Book has a pouch that contains materials used in some of the effects. The contents for the 1st Edition includes on page 82 "Inflation", but is missing "Million Dollar Trick, and The Staple Card Force." (unless these were just renamed in the 2nd edition).

Contents: (from 2nd Edition ToC):

5 Foreword (Michael Ammar)
7 Introduction (Dick Barry)
9 Champagne Goldfish Miracle
22 A Tacky Deck
26 Clairvoyant Cassette
46 Clairvoyant Cassette II
56 Three Straw Trick
61 Magic Straw Wand
73 Magic Straw Wand Animation
77 Evidence
82 Million Dollar Bill Trick
93 The "Staple" Card Force
96 A Penny For Your Thoughts
108 Magician's Express
118 The Vanishing Cane
130 7 Steps to Better Magic*