Richard Bartram, Jr.: Trephine
Bartram, Richard Jr.: Trephine, A Collection of Magic
©1997 Richard Bartram, Jr., Magic Methods
Hardcover, no dj, 8.5x11", 182 pages
Richard Bartram, Jr.: Trephine
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Contents (from book ToC, page numbers only for first half):

1 Introduction

5 Chapter 1
5 The Genuine Acrobatic Cards: a folded card becomes the selection
7 Let Me Dust Off a Spot For You To Sit Your Ace (Matt Grover): selection finally makes its way to the forehead
9 Bankshot: A moveless means of secretly propelling a palmed card to the table
10 Bankshot Transposition: Signed Card in deck transposes with tabled card
12 Low Maintenance Transposition: Two cards transpose positions four times on the table and more
14 Unlwild: variation on the Wild Card theme
15 Queen's Sore Ear: Four face-up cards assemble under a jumbo card

23 Chapter 2
23 Drawlng a Blank: using a blank-both-sides deck
25 Back To The West: cutting four of a kind with color changes
29 Problem Chlld (Pete Ottaviano): Ace changes to selection and back

35 Chapter 3
35 Andrelius Change: Card visibly changes to selection
37 White Knuckled Reversal(Gordon Boyd): reversal of selection
38 The B.R.P. (Steve Saunders): a peek
39 The Illusive Snapping Pasteboard: visual appearance
40 Suspended Change: card balancing

47 Chapter 4
47 Four On The Floor: coins
50 Drop Vanish
51 Jumbo Drop Change (Eddie Ganim): jumbo coin to half dollar
52 Enigmatic Purse and Coin
55 The Grassy Knoll (Evert Chapman)
58 Switchipu (Matt Grover)
60 The Congregation
TNT Coins (Evert Chapman)
62 Scotchman's Dilemma
64 - Matrix Treatment
65 - Okito Treatment
65 - Transposition Treatment
65 - Tarot Treatment

71 Chapter 5
71 The Princess' New Clothes
72 Group Session
74 Short Changed Thoughts
76 Compressed Thoughts
78 Two-Faced Switch
79 Forethunk
80 Avery Which Way But Loose

85 Chapter 6
85 Crackflasher
86 Elaschtick
88 Give 'em the Finger (David Tolley)
89 - Finger 2
89 Keep It Clean
90 Knuckle Buster
Severed Ties (John Alley and Richard Bartram, Jr.)
Ill Wind In the Canyon (Richard Bartram Jr, and John Alley)
Zits Incredible

Chapter 7
Instant Hofzinser (Chris Sutton)
Brainstorm Intruder (Pete Ottaviano and Richard Bartram, Jr.)
Deck Enlarger (John Alley)
Shrivel (Chris Sutton)
Albatross Card
Twisted Revelation (Gary Plants)

Chapter 8
Burning a Big One
A Kick in the Bag
Rocky’s Last Hairah
A Tribute to Hoffman
A Fist Full of Olives (Chris Sutton)
Sphere, Cone and Stone (Michael Fesenmeier)
Without a Prayer (Paul Swinford)
Kill the Messenger
Deep Fried Himber Rings

Chapter 9
Book Test
The Kevorkian Challenge Taste Test
Bulldog Switch
Infamentalism (Rusty Cook)
Key Card R Ection
Muilica Peek
Stupor Market Shopper
Brainstorm Mates
Mind Gamebit

Chapter 10
Twice Removed
Fantasy Change
Ribbon Spread Control
Braue Sandwich
Shrink Rap
- Orapgami
- Tearaple
- Cash Rap

Final Chapter
Silver Mirrocle
Into the Void
Revelation From The Void
Double Decker Sandwich

Acknowledgements, Apologies, etc.