Joel Bauer: Hustle, Hustle, The Magic of Business

Bauer, Joel: Hustle Hustle, The Magic of Business
©1983 Joel Bauer Productions
Hardcover, 144 pages
Softcover, comb-bound, 164 pages
Hustle Hustle The
              Magic of Business
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Hustle Hustle The
              Magic of Business
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Comments: Coursebook on how to make money in the Magic business


8 Mr. Magish' Pro-Attitude Test
9 Foreword
10 Think Hard
11 Off On Tangents
13 Establish a "You" Foundation
14 Bakers Dozen Concepts 1-13
26 Taking Directions
31 The Market for You
32 The Big Seven - Seven Major Markets
75 Selling - The Only Game
82 Top Reading
84 If It Can be Thrown - It Will Be
96 Pushers
99 Be Complete
103 Office Conception
106 Go Big, Get Big; Go Small, Get Small
107 Mo Money - What Do You Have?
108 Magic for Life - Commercial Routines
110 State of the Art - For You?
111 Correspondence - A Necessary Evil
118 Protection
121 $1,200.00 Savings Per Year
122 Workbook: Your Real Work, the Formula Grind for Success; Contracts and Forms for All; Business Needs
136 New Power and Profit
144 Final Word