Bauer, Ron: Dixie!
©1998, 2002 Ron Bauer
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 23 pages
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Comments: Number 7 in the Private Studies Series. Dixie! is a cups and balls routine using Dixie cups and rolled up "Confederate" money (template included)


1 Introduction Show and Tell: about a Show and Tell performance
2 Simplifying a Complicated Narrative
2 Premise
2 Required Materials and Set-Up: Dixie Cups, sheet cotton, sponge ball, and fake bills (template included)
4 Step by Step Procedure: through page 15
15 The End
16 The Illusion in a Nutshell
16 Analysis of the Illusion
18 A Word or Two on Double Entendre Humor
18 Addendum Fake Put Sequence
20 The En Route Principle Explained
22 A Few Examples of the En Route Principle From the First Twelve of the RBPS Series
23 Some Background on Dixie!