Bauer, Ron: The Complete Don Alan's Chop Cup
2005 A Ron Bauer Private Studies Special Edition
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 29 pages
The Complete Don
              Alan Chop Cup
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Comments: Illustrated by Sandra Kort; Electronic Graphic Art Design Studio. A well done coverage of Don Alan's Chop Cup routine, with detailed description of every move, line drawings, and a few photos. Throughout the manuscript are little side-bars called "ALAN-ysis", which provide quotes from Don Alan on various aspects of the Chop Cup routine. Recommended


1 Introduction: A brief history of the Al "Chop Chop" Wheatley Chop cup, its development, and Don Alan's use. Includes a plug for Rings 'n Things II version of the Don Alan Chop Cup.
6 The Complete Don Alan's Chop Cup: the intro to the effect
6 Props: Close Up Pad, Chop Cup, 2 Tennis Balls, 2 Chop Cup balls
7 Notes on Props: includes a recommendation for the best close-up pad color for television
7 Preparation and Set Up: including Don's use of a basket or doctor's case
8 Step-by-Step Procedure: From here to page 20 is a step by step description of the routine, with timing, hints, and full details.
20 Addendum - Don Alan Chop Cup Loading Technique
25 The Big Bang: Don's method for directing attention
27 Advertisement for Ring 'n Things II Don Alan's Golden Anniversary Chop Cup
28 Advertisement for Rings 'n Things II Don Alan's Designer Chop Cup
29 B&W photos of Ron Bauer with Don Alan and with the Master Cup