Bauer, Ron (editor): Milton Kort Lecture Notes
©1963 (circa) Ron Bauer
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 19 pages
Milton Kort Lecture
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Ron Bauer (editor): Milton Kort Lecture Notes


Contents (courtesy Jacky Kahan,

3 A Kortial Triumph
3 Tela-Svengali
4 Kortially Yours
5 This Is Centers
6 A Change Of Fillings
8 Ace In The Case
10 Kort On Coins
11 Kort's Fourth
12 PS - No Gimmicks Needed
14 A Gag Penetration
14 Change For A Half
14 Al Saal Gag
15 Disappearing Hole
16 Simple Ring From Rope
17 Pen Tray Shun
18 Timothy, The Ticklish Tadpole
19 Umgowa!