Bauer, Ron: Xerox Money
Private Studies Series Number 18
2000 Ron Bauer, published by E-Gads
(Electronic Graphic Art Design Studio)
Softcover, 5.5x8.5" stapled, 29 pages
Xerox Money
Pictured with sample of  included "$360 bills"
Image from Magicref

Comments: The Ron Bauer Private Studies Series provides, according to Ron, an "entire, step-by-step course in learning to think like a conjurer." The books are not dependent on each other, however, so you don't have to own all 24. This effect is a "money printing" trick in which the magician's greed is his undoing in the end. Comes with specially printed (and very well done) "$360" bills and the necessary blank sheets. You need to supply some extra items as indicated below.


1 Introduction: Overview of the basic effect
2 Premise: How Ron's approach works
3 Required Materials and Set Up: In addition to the special bills with the manuscript, you will also need a Himber wallet (or Z-fold), five $1 bills, five $2 bills (should be crisp and preferably in sequence serial number order), waxed paper, rubber cement, and Post-It paper
7 Step-By-Step Procedure: complete routine detailed
18 The Illusion In a Nutshell: analysis of the routine
18 Premise-Driven: the premise drives the performance
18 Analysis if the Illusion: introduction
19 Magicians As Actors: an introduction to subtext
20 Addendum: How to Make "High Tech Xerox Paper" and Double Sided Bills. A valuable tutorial on Slip-Sheeting