Thomas Baxter: The Nail Writer Anthology
Baxter, Thomas: The Nail Writer Anthology
©2010 Thomas Baxter, H&R Magic Books, Humble, TX
Hardcover, no dj, 185 pages

Note: later edition has been reformatted and is 278 pages
Thomas Baxter: The Nail Writer Anthology
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Thomas Baxter Nail Writer Anthology
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Contents (from book ToC):

i Acknowledgements
ii Table of Contents
1 Introduction
3 A Short History of The Nail Writer
36 Writing Tools
44 Esoteric Writers
49 Routines Tips & Ideas
50 "On Making Your Own Boon-Type Writer (David Alexander) "
52 Making a Thumb Writer and Holster (David Alexander)
54 Keep The Change (Mick Ayres)
58 Infusion (Thomas Baxter)
61 Nail Writing Elements (Looch)
63 Get Them To Re-Think - Give Them The Power (Looch)
64 Getting Into Shape (Paul Brook)
74 Here & Hereafter (Ray Carlyle)
79 Nail Writing Utility Tips (Seth Cauthorne)
81 Word From Nowhere (Seth Cauthorne)
82 Poetry In Motion (Seth Cauthorne)
84 The Hoy Matrix (Seth Cauthorne)
86 Prophetriter (Paolo Cavalli)
90 Molly and Polly (Hector Chadwick)
97 Poolside Prediction (Rob Domenech)
101 Crystal Vision (Pieras Fitikides)
103 My Lucky Number (Pieras Fitikides)
104 Spectral Hand (Pieras Fitikides)
106 The Difference (Andrew Gerard)
111 Air-Writing (Andrew Gerard)
113 Spectator Control (Mauricio Jaramillo)
114 Crayola Flashback (Mauricio Jaramillo)
116 Slice (Patrik Kuffs)
118 Pool Master (Patrik Kuffs)
119 ACAANE (Patrik Kuffs)
126 Voodoo Blues (Jim Magus)
128 How I Make My Own Boons (Charles G Morgan)
135 Influentia Boon (Charles G Morgan)
136 Rigging A Prediction (Charles G Morgan)
138 Color Reading (Miikka Pakarinen)
140 Stories & A Routine (James Randi)
146 Spooky Business (Thomas Baxter)
150 Drawing Out Time (Patrick Redford)
153 Super Sharpie Tip (Patrick Redford)
155 How To Use A Boon Writer (Eric Mason)
156 Bill Divination (Barrie Richardson)
160 A Conversation With Marc Salem (Marc Salem)
165 Shattered (Marc Salem)
167 Frank’s Lucky Number (Andy Stephenson)
171 Mental Catalyst (Christopher Taylor)
172 Perceived Imagination (Christopher Taylor)

174 Appendix I - Nail Writer Sources
175 Appendix II - Slate Pencils
176 Appendix III - More About Henry Slade
179 Appendix IV - Ralph Read and the Sylvestre & Co Catalog
181 Appendix V - ESP Testing Tablets Advertisement
182 Appendix VI - Bibliography
185 In Closing