Beam, Steve: Digital Effects
The Magic of Joe Mogar
1997 Trapdoor Productions
Hardcover, w/dj, 228 pages
Steve Beam:
              Digital Effects
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Comment: This is an excellent book on thimble magic. Productions, vanishes, routines, flourishes, and lots more. Written with a sense of humor and uses well done illustrations. A must-have for thimble workers. Highly recommended.


13 Introduction. Thimble magic in general

17 Part 1: Getting Started
17 How to Read This Book: how to practice
19 The Care & Feeding of Thimbles: and why Joe's thimbles are recommended
20 A Word about Words: presentation
24 The Hand: and how the fingers are referred to in the book

27 Part 2: The Basics
27 Palms, Grips, Holds, and Clips
30 The Basic Vanish & Reproduction
33 Cleaned: both hands shown empty
34 The Vacuum: "pop" goes the thimble
35 Thimbles - It's an Attitude Thing: essay

39 Part 3: Moves
39 Multiple Palm
42 Lock & Load: from a stack
43 The Explosion Move: stack to 4 fingers
46 The 2nd Explosion
48 Implosion: Fingers to stack
49 Switching Channels: Bobo switch
50 Bait & Switch: another switch

53 Part 4: Productions
53 Duck & Tuck: production from bare(?) hands
55 The Grabber: grabbed from the air
56 Power Thimbles: appearance of 4 thimbles
59 Simple Silk: production under a silk
60 Rag Production: 4 thimbles from silk, Joe's favorite
65 The Deep Squat Production: handful of thimbles from handkerchief
66 Milking the Silk: any number of thimbles
68 Bare handed: from silk
70 Super Star: 5 thimbles one at a time from the air
73 The Thimble Monster: expansion of Super Star
75 TNT Production: 4 at the fingertips one at a time
76 It's a "Guy Thing": essay

79 Part 5: Vanishes
79 The Volley: coin type move
80 The Macho Vanish: 4 thimbles vanish one at a time
82 The Belcher: Thimbles tucked into fist vanish
84 Declining Balance: as above
85 Double Declining Balance: as above
86 You Can Call Me Al: Strong & easy vanish from right fingertips
87 Protologist Vanish: from under silk
89 Meat & Potatoes Vanish: under silk
90 A Fistful of Nothing: Thimbles tucked into handkerchief vanish
91 Stack & Steal: similar to above
92 Tuck, Tuck, and Away: tucked into silk and vanish
93 Tuckered Out: locking feature
94 Tubular Steal: Dye Tube type method
95 The Death Vanish: tucked one at time into fist and vanish
97 The Testosterone Vanish: bare handed vanish
99 Four by Four: Easy multiple vanish
101 Sucker Punch: as above
102 Thimble Apocalypse: another as above
103 One Way Vanish: vanish from the fingertips

107 Part 6: Color Changes
107 The Wave
109 The Big Dipper. Bare bones color change
111 Thumb Screws: Big Dipper follow up
113 The Paintbrush: Brushing thimble with silk changes color
114 Back Stabber: Color change while hand turns
116 The Lineup: White on 4 fingers, change to red 1 by 1 and all vanish
117 Finger Painting: multiple color changes
120 Isolation Change: straightforward change of thimble on extended index finger
122 A Tribute to Mr. Hugard: humorous discussion of Hugard's Thimble Magic

125 Part 7: Singularities
125 The Drill: thimble penetrates silk
127 Silk Starters: Starting a routine with a silk, several ideas
128 Stolen & Recovered: Lightning quick vanish and restore with silk
129 Poker: Another penetration of thimble through handkerchief
131 Powdered Thimbles: thimbles are ground into confetti
132 The Peakcock Production: instantaneous production of four thimbles on fingertips
133 A Card Trick (finally!): 4 thimbles produced behind cards
135 Presidential Opener: Starter; producing a thimble from a dollar bill, and instant multiple climax.

141 Part 8: Gimmicks
141 Gimmicks: discussion
143 Half a Trick: Bare handed production and vanish: almost too perfect
145 Toasted: Thimble melted
146 Hanging Around: gimmicking a thimble for a complete vanish
147 Thimbles Lite: using glowing thimbles
148 Holding Your Own: a discussion of holders
150 Smell Shocked: Use of shells

152 Part 9: Flourishes
152 Up The Arm: thimble travels through arm to finger
153 Killer Thimbles: Flourish: thimble caught on fingertip in mid air
154 The Chorus Line: Four thimbles on left, jump to right one by one
156 Overdrive: Thimbles jump from hand to hand in a different manner
159 Leapfrog: Thimble jumps from finger to finger under a silk
164 The Travelers: Magician tries to remove thimble but it jumps to other fingers
166 As four thimbles are placed on the fingertips, a rubber finger drops from one
167 Reproduction Finesse: recovering four thimbles one by one
168 The Chaser: Thimbles jump from finger to finger in patter about digits
171 The Trapdoor: How You Know They Don't Like Your Show

175 Part 10: Sound Effects
175 Sound FX: making the sound
176 Snapper: thimble production with a snap
177 The Dismount: thimbles pop as they are removed, last needs a shake
179 Pop Test: another method of the above
181 Wind Up: using the watch winder
182 Feedback: suggestions for sounds in other routines
183 Popping Off: Basic vanish with sound

187 Part 11: Sleeving
187 Sleeving: a discussion
188 Sleeving Thimbles: A primer
189 The Black Hole Vanish: vanishing a stack
190 Silk Sleeve: retrieval, changeover, deposit in other sleeve
191 Silk Opener: recovering a stack
192 Flash Production: hands shown clean, one thimble appears, then many
194 The Dirty Dozen: using sleeving to link effects into a routine 

199 Part 12: Routines
199 Easy Opener: Thimble produced from silk, vanished, produced and jumps around
200 The One Two Punch: Four thimbles jump to opposite hand one by one, then all back again

203 Part 13: The Big Pocket:
203 The Big Pocket: a Topit type accessory

207 Part 14: Leftovers
207 The Complete History of Thimble Magic (Revised, and then revised again): as unwound in the Electronic Grymoire...
213 Subscriber News Service: FISM officials looking for zinc steroids before card competition...
215 Thanksgiven: Deserved thanks
217 Thimble Magic: Suggested Reading (lots of references)

221 Part 15: Routine Builder
221: A table of items, type of effect, and ending position to help you build a routine