Beam, Steve: Magic for the British Aisles
©1996 Steve Beam, Trapdoor Productions
Softcove, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 20 pages
Steve Beam:
              Magic for the British Aisles
Image from Dave Berkompas

Comments: Mostly cards, but also two Thimble effects from Joe Mogar and a quickie with a miniature hand and eyeball


2 Cutting Class: four of a kind production
4 Rub-Away Card Vanish: Steve's version of the Rub-A-Dub Card Vanish, with variations
8 Optical Illusion: comedy bit with a toy eye and hand
8 Color Changing Card Case: good opener to card effects
11 The Underhand Shuffle: full deck false shuffle
12 The Shuffle: Setup for Beam's Choice
13 Beam's Choice (with Michael Beam): a visual four card revelation
17 Double Dealer: a two card location
19 Sucker Punch (Joe Mogar): multiple thimble vanish
19 The Macho Vanish (Joe Mogar): four thimbles vanish one at a time