Steve Beam: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks XI
Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks 11
©2019 Steve Beam
              Beam: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol 11
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Comments: "Get Fooled or Get Schooled!" The 11th in a series.

Contents (from book ToC; items with * are not Semi-Automatic)

19 Quickies
19 Discharged (Paul Cummins)
20 Tapped Out (Alexander Kolle)
21 Strapped (Lorenz Schar)
22 The Flapper (Giancarlo Scalia)
23 The Rotisserie Move (Jeff Altman)
24 Single Stack (Steve Beam)
27 The Harem (Steve Beam)
28 Quadruple Stack (Steve Beam)
31 The Whoosh Change (Steve Beam)
35 Bullets Flying (Wolfgang Moser)
36 A Stretch of Time (Marty Kane)

39 Eclectic
39 Club Sandwich (Steve Beam)
44 Gone Fishing (Steve Beam)
46 Count on Me (Scott Robinson)
51 Lucky Stars (Max Maven)
53 Double Up (Paul Cummins)
55 Royal Princess (Wolfgang Moser)
56 Octal (Lewis Jones)
58 Court Order (Steve Beam)
65 Even Odds (Steve Beam)
67 Similarities (Steve Beam)
68 Aces Rising (Gabriclle Gentile)
69 Aces Up (Yves Carbonnier)
71 Cluster Force (Steve Beam)*
72 Knavel Operation (Marty Kane)

77 Lie Speller
77 Freedom Speller (Doug Canning & Steve Beam)
78 The New Deal (Steve Beam & Doug Canning)
80 The Simple Truth (Steve Beam)
82 The Souvenir (Steve Beam)
83 Base Ten (Steve Beam)

89 Magic Spells
89 Spellifiknow (Steve Beam)
91 Spellifiknow Too (Steve Beam)
94 Tri-Spellifiknow (Steve Beam)
94 Alpha Mail (Steve Beam)
96 No-Filler Killer (Steve Beam)
98 Spellweaver (Steve Beam)
99 Successive Spellweaver (Steve Beam)
100 Jack Hammer (Steve Beam)
101 Spell Breaker (Steve Beam)
104 Ballistic Spell Breaker (Steve Beam)

106 Semi-Automatic Eye Candy
106 The Altman Flip Flourish (Art Altman)
109 Flash Four Aces (Steve Beam)
110 Aces in Other Places (Steve Beam)
112 Volcanic Aces (Jeff Altman)
113 Royal Flash (Steve Beam)
116 The Closer (Steve Beam)
118 Flashpoint (Steve Beam)
121 Splash Aces (Steve Beam)
125 The Distribution Shuffle
126 Snap Aces (Joe Rindfleisch)

131 The Magic of Ramón Riobóo
131 The Executor (Ramón Riobóo)
133 Deep Diver (Ramón Riobóo)
134 Predestimation (Ramón Riobóo)
136 Counter Action (Ramón Riobóo)
137 Royal Elimination (Ramón Riobóo)
139 Ram-Ultaneous (Ramón Riobóo)
140 Stellar Speller (Ramón Riobóo)
142 All That Jazz (Ramón Riobóo)
145 Unbeatable (Ramón Riobóo)

151 Magic Made in Japan
151 The Reason Why I Can't Win at Poker (Nobuyuki Nojima)
152 Oil Slick (Shota Okano)
153 Mental Breeze (Keiichi Hiraki)
154 Flip Flop Ambitious (Nobuaki Nambu)
157 Friends (Kiyoshi Sato)
159 Down to You (Daisuke Sato)

163 The Magic of Vic Trabucco
163 Taking Control (Vic Trabucco)*
168 Impossible (Vic Trabucco)
169 Zarrow Block Addition Addition (Vic Trabucco)
171 Trumped (Vic Trabucco)
172 TNT (Vic Trabucco)
175 Shuffle Shift (Vic Trabucco)
177 Rolling the Aces (Vic Trabucco)
179 Spreading Triumph (Vic Trabucco)
182 Almost Gaffed (Vic Trabucco)
184 That’s Not Impossible (Vic Trabucco)
186 Cut Card Aces (Vic Trabucco)
189 The 8-Foot Transposition (Vic Trabucco)
191 Isolated Touch Force (Vic Trabucco)

195 The Magic of Giancarlo Scalia
195 Overturned Aces (Giancarlo Scalia)
197 Destiny (Giancarlo Scalia)
200 Coincidence at Any Number (Giancarlo Scalia)
203 The Ace of Hearts Trick (Giancarlo Scalia)
208 Double Dribble Control (Giancarlo Scalia)*
210 The Bluff Pass Control (Giancarlo Scalia)
212 Rotary Control (Giancarlo Scalia)*
213 Bluff Ambitious (Giancarlo Scalia)
215 Bluff Cut (Giancarlo Scalia)

221 Shuffle Tools
221 The Prefix (Steve Beam)
223 F.T. Cut (Frank Thompson)
225 - As a Control
225 - Bottom to Top Cut
226 - Red/Black Shuffle
227 Director’s Cut (Steve Beam)
229 On Display (Steve Beam)
231 The Bicycle Cut (Steve Beam)
232 - As a False Cut
233 The Quality Control (Steve Beam)
234 Preflight (Steve Beam)
236 F.T.R.B. Shuffle (Steve Beam)*
238 The Table Spread (Steve Beam)
240 The Möbius Cut (Steve Beam)
241 - Test of Luck
243 Premix Cut (Steve Beam)
245 Plumber’s Helper (Steve Beam)
247 Flush in a Rush (Steve Beam)
248 Faux Chance (Lewis Jones & Steve Beam)
249 Final Score (Steve Beam)
252 Four Card Monte (Steve Beam)
257 More Card Monte (Steve Beam)

261 Simple Math
261 Middle-Gage Spread II (Steve Beam)
264 A Series of Fortunate Events (Steve Beam)
266 Never Mined (Steve Beam)
271 Neck Ringer (Steve Beam)
275 Unmarked Hummer (Steve Beam)
276 The Jackass Ate 47 (Steve Beam)
281 The Jackass Ate 47 Too (Steve Beam)
282 Elimineight (Steve Beam)
285 The Lowdown (Derrick Chung)
286 The Final Countdown (Derrick Chung)
288 Intuition (Mick Ayres)
290 Hybrid (Mick Ayres)

295 Power Tools
295 Joystick Addition (Lorenz Schär)
296 The Flick (Lorenz Schär)
298 The Overlap Procedure and Control (Tom Gagnon)
301 Double Decker (Tom Gagnon)
302 Getting the Scoop (Tom Gagnon)
303 The Joker Removal Tool (Steve Beam)

307 Thanksgiven
309 Routine Builder
311 In Decks