Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks VI
©2006 Trapdoor Productions
Hardcover, 247 pages
Semi Automatic Card Tricks VI
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Comments (Andrew Loh): Illustrated by Steve Beam. Series still available (Jan 2013) from Steve Beam's Trapdoor Productions


9 Introduction

15 Spelling Tricks
15 The Queen Doesn’t Know Jack (Steve Beam)
17 Subliminal Message (Mick Ayres)
18 Cue-Cards (Mick Ayres)
19 The Great Spellini (Alex Gutierrez)
21 Cards and Letters (Allan Sleight)
24 Spelling Bee Around (Marty Kane)
26 Practical Joker (Marty Kane)
27 Your Secret Number (Steve Beam)
31 Digging Deeper (Steve Beam & Doug Canning)
34 Even Deeper (Steve Beam)
35 Journey to the Center (Steve Beam)

41 Turning Heads
41 Getting it Right (Marty Kane)
43 Disoriented (Steve Beam)
46 Twisting the Faces (Steve Beam)
47 Court Case (Steve Beam)
49 Mirror Mirror (Steve Beam)
52 Turning Heads (Steve Beam)

58 Pure Math
58 Mixed Cards and Feelings (Reinhard Muller)
59 Feeling the Same (Reinhard Muller)
60 Predecktion (Steve Beam)
63 Selected Suit Divination (Tom Craven)
64 Noah’s Ark (Ron Wohl)
65 Perfected Strangers (Allan Slaight)
68 Strangers in the Dark (Raj Madhok)
69 Candy From Strangers (Steve Beam)
72 Raising Baby Hummer (Raj Madhok)

76 Curry Recipes
76 All is Right With the World (Steve Beam)
78 World Series Fans (Steve Beam)
82 World Class Joker (Steve Beam)
86 Out of this Deck (Boris Wild)
90 Rack and Bled (Lewis Jones)
92 World Piece (Steve Beam)
94 Worldly Processions (Steve Beam)
97 Countdown Simulator (Steve Beam)
100 Rescue 2000 (Mick Ayres)
102 Mating Season VI (Steve Beam)
107 Bon Voyage (Steve Beam)

114 Cartomagia
114 Royal Liaisons (Rafael Benetar)
118 Spring Insertion (Rafael Benetar)
119 Elusive Riser (Toni Cachadina)
120 Prediction Bilbo’s Version (Jesus Etchevery)
123 This Might be the Night (Juan Esteban)
126 This Might be the Night II (Juan Esteban)
127 I’m Okay, You’re Okay (Senor El Dougo Canningo)
128 Spectator Plays Magician (Cesar Fernandez)
130 Deflation (Juan Tamariz)

138 The Magic of Lewis Jones
138 Khan I (Lewis Jones)
140 Khan II (Lewis Jones)
141 Khan III (Lewis Jones)
143 The Director’s Cut (Lewis Jones)
145 Blindsight (Lewis Jones)
146 Yes Men (Lewis Jones)
147 Anything Goes (Lewis Jones)
148 Value For Money (Lewis Jones)
152 In Control (Lewis Jones)
154 Wheel of Fortune (Lewis Jones)
156 Through the Looking Glass (Lewis Jones & Don Wyatt)

161 Topological
161 Crescent City Rooftops (Ronald Dayton)
164 King of Warped (Martin Cox)
169 The Willies (Scott Robinson)
173 Willies’s Sub (Scott Robinson)

179 Prediction Effects
179 Mirasqueal (Max Maven)
181 Premonition in Reverse (Tony Griffith)
183 Joint Banking (Doug Canning)
185 Choice Cut (Scott Robinson)
187 See Through Prediction (George Jones)
188 Double Personality (Boris Wild)
190 Unbelievable (Steve beam)
194 Unmarked Cards (Steve Beam)

199 The Magic of Woody Aragorn
199 Si Senor (Woody Aragorn)
201 Si Fry (Woody Aragorn)
202 In-ESP-Licable (Woody Aragorn)
204 The Man with Three Hands (Woody Aragorn)
206 Omega Equals Alpha (Woody Aragorn)
207 Australian Poker (Woody Aragorn)
209 All Winners (Woody Aragorn)

213 Updates
213 Finesse on the Killer Count (Ken Krenzel)
213 Color Injection (Bernard Weller)
216 Fish Stew (Steve Beam)

221 Tools, Move and Concepts
221 Shiftless (Steve Beam)
222 Downright Shiftless (Steve Beam)
224 Si’s Secret (Bob Swadling)
224 Cross-Cut Shredder (Bebel)
225 The Suction Cut (Marv Leventhal)
229 Northern Ireland Shuffle (Steve Beam)
231 The Transparent Index (Steve Beam)
232 The Invisible Index (Steve Beam)

235 “Thanksgiven”

237 Routine Builder

241 Index