Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks VII
©2006 Trapdoor Productions
Hardcover; Pages: 246
Semi Automatic Card Tricks VII
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Comments: [Andrew Loh]: Illustrated by Steve Beam. Series is available from Steve Beam's Trapdoor Productions.


15 Prediction Effects
15 Freakish Miracle #1 (Tomas Blomberg)
16 Freakish Miracle #2 (Tomas Blomberg)
17 Freakish Miracle #3 (Tomas Blomberg)
18 Freakish Miracle #4 (Tomas Blomberg)
22 Taking the Bait (Steve Beam)
24 Leslie's Gift (Steve Beam)
28 Under the Influence (Steve Duperre)

33 The Magic of Ramon Rioboo
33 Dropping Names (Ramon Rioboo)
34 The 52 Card Trick (Ramon Rioboo)
35 Stock Pile (Ramon Rioboo)
37 Driving a Hummer (Ramon Rioboo)
39 Mutually Assured Destruction (Ramon Rioboo)
41 Libido (Ramon Rioboo)
43 Way Ahead (Ramon Rioboo)
45 Signed Deal (Ramon Rioboo)
46 Mystery of the Kabbala (Ramon Rioboo)

53 Impossible Revelations
53 The 101% Location (Scott Robinson)
56 Key Points in Mindreading (Marty Kane)
58 Face Of (Steve Beam)
60 Pick of the Bunch (Andi Gladwin)
61 Slip Pop Production (Scott Robinson)
63 Chaos (Pit Hartling)

71 Effects with the Down-Under Deal
71 Discounted Deal (Lewis Jones)
71 Hypothetical Imperative (Max Maven)
74 Box of Matches (Max Maven)
75 Complete Match (Mitsunobu Matsuyama)
77 Cheaper Match (Max Maven)
77 Cheapest Match (Mitsunobu Matsuyama)
78 Deal With It (Max Maven)
80 Marty Kane's Self-Help Guide (Marty Kane)
81 Color, Suit and Value (Marty Kane)
82 Triple Lie Detector (Marty Kane)
83 Alternative Names (Marty Kane)
83 Police Profiling (Marty Kane)
84 Deck Brand (Marty Kane)
84 Yes or No? (Marty Kane)
85 Diamonds (Marty Kane)
85 Good-Bye (Marty Kane)
86 Snowing the 7 Dwarfs (Marty Kane)
87 Snow White and the Short 7 (Doug Canning)
88 Password (Marty Kane): Dog Show; Sniper; The Web; Snail Mail
90 Suit Per Suit Pursuit (Marty Kane)
91 Double Breasted Suit (Steve Beam)
92 Mixmaster (Marty Kane)
93 The King of Swing (Marty Kane)
94 What's in a Name? (Marty Kane)
95 Nameless (Steve Beam)
97 The Ramonator (Ramon Rioboo)
100 Value-Added Ramonator (Steve Beam)
101 Sleepwalker (Steve Beam)
102 His Card (Steve Beam)
103 The Perfect Shuffle (Scott Robinson)
105 Kangaroo Killer (Steve Beam)
111 The Magic Square
111 Birthday Squared (Lewis Jones)

121 Gambling Effects
121 Full Boats & Empty Nets (Steve Beam)
123 Swedish Parity Poker (Tomas Blomberg)
125 White Christmas (Claude Imperiale)
127 The Spoiler (Steve Beam)
130 Take this Card and Shove It (Steve Beam)
132 Poker Demonstration (Tony Griffith)
135 Poor Man's Poker (Marc Serin)
137 French Fryer (Marc Serin)

141 Impossible Locations
141 Ultra-Find (Dave Solomon)
143 The Assistant (Ken Krenzel)
144 Double Down Location (Steve Beam)
145 Bottomless Location (Steve Beam)
146 Banned in Vegas (Doug Canning)
147 Double Cross (Alex Gutierrez)
150 Ice Fishing (Steve Beam)
152 Greased Shortening (Steve Beam)

158 The Reverse Faro
158 The Tarantulizer (Claude Imperiale)
159 Grab it Before They Do (Claude Imperiale)
160 The Flasher (Steve Beam)
161 Back From Fishing (Giorgio Tarchini)
163 Si Kick (Steve Beam)
166 Core (Pit Hartling)
169 Core Relation (Doug Canning)
169 Encore (Doug Canning)
171 Simple Logic (Steve Beam)

177 Singularities
177 Insight (Herb Zarrow)
180 House Party Collectors (Kostya Kimlat)
183 Spot On (Gordon Bean)
185 The Lusthaus Card System (Robert Lusthaus)
187 Racked and Stacked (Michael Weber)
188 Dillicious Dribble (Dean Dill)
190 The Pat Hand (Doug Canning)
191 Sevendipity (Marty Kane)
193 Miss Match (Bob Lusthaus)
194 Well-Oiled Pack (Shannon Clark)
197 Easy Followers (Andi Gladwin)
198 Primal Scheme (Ryan Matney)
200 The Money Changers (Scott Robinson)
202 Juvenile Justice (Doug Canning)

209 Multiple Locations
209 Wireless Networking (Steve Beam)
212 Great Minds Think Alike (Steve Beam & Doug Canning)

218 Telephone Tricks
218 Sans Cards (Steve Beam)

224 Tools (Moves & Concepts)
224 Taken Bi Force (Bill Goodwin)
226 Fertilizer Spreader (Steve Beam)
230 Imp - Improved Memorized Pack (Ron Dayton)
231 Fisherman's Dream (Doug Canning)
233 The Ark Maneuver (Steve Beam)
236 The Carousel Glimpse (Doug Canning)
237 Thanksgiven
239 Routine Builder
243 Index