Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Vol. VIII
©2010 Steve Beam, Trapdoor Productions
Hardcover, 319 pages
Semi Automatic Card
              Tricks VIII
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11 Singularities
13 Getting To Know You (David Corsaro)
16 Sans Skill (Claude Imperiale)
18 HG's Pocket (Scott Robinson)
19 The Fortune Teller (Jason Michaels)
23 Cootie Catcher Lie Detector (Jason Michaels)
25 Victoria's Secret (Jason Michaels / Stephen Bargatze)
26 Portable Career Counselor (Jason Michaels / Steve Beam)
28 Square Dance (Steve Beam)
32 Rendezvous (Yves Cabernet)
33 The Bookie (Tony Griffith)
36 Blue Collar Marriages (Ron Wohl)
38 The Near Perfect Circle (Christian Engbloom)
41 Filler (Tyler Wilson)
42 Second Printing (Leon Eticnne)
44 Packaging (Steve Beam)
45 Outflanked (Steve Beam)
46 - Top-Middle-Bottom Cut (Steve Beam)
49 Storage Capacity (Steve Beam)
52 Tricycle (Steve Beam)
53 The Last Cut Is The Deepest (Steve Beam)

57 Magic From Spain
59 Cards Arc My Business (Dani DaOrtiz)
60 Cut And Paced (Greca)
62 The Point-Of-View Card Trick (Juan Esteban)
65 Psychic Poker (Woody Aragon)

67 Going Mental
69 Suit Yourself Surpassed (Richard Bangs)
72 Looking The Other Way (Max Maven)
74 The Ace-Two-Three Trick (Steve Beam)
77 Checkmate (Steve Beam)
80 A.F. Taft Prediction (Steve Beam)
83 Knee-To-The-Groin Prediction (Steve Beam)
85 Armchair Mind Reading (Caleb Wiles)
87 Sideways Eight (Tyler Wilson)
89 Hooked (Steve Beam)
91 Filleted And Fried (Steve Beam)
95 Free Willy (Doug Canning)
97 Big Willy (Steve Beam)
98 Diabolical Transposition - Charles Jordan - A Chapter Wthin A Chapter

99 X-Men (Steve Beam)
102 X-Men II (Steve Beam)
103 X-Men III (Steve Beam)
106 X-Men IV (Ramon Rioboo)
108 The Mystery Behind The Mystery (A True Story)

109 Gambling
111 Two Card Monte (Tom Ransom)
115 Self-Centered (Michael Weber)
116 Ace-Split Decision (Steve Beam)
118 One Upsmanship (Steve Beam)
119 The Tranquilizer (Steve Beam & Marty Kane)
121 Trifecta (Doug Canning)
124 Find The Lady (Ron Wohl)
125 - The Stalker (Steve Beam)
126 Bluff Counting (Claude Imperiale)

129 The Magic of Lewis Jones
130 Ding Dong (Lewis Jones)
132 The Return Of Mental Monte (Lewis Jones)
133 Canastrick (Lewis Jones)
135 Color Fast (Lewis Jones)
138 Sorted (Lewis Jones)
142 Known Aim (Lewis Jones)
143 Long Division (Lewis Jones)
145 Polygram (Lewis Jones)
147 The Mystery Of The Scaled Room (Lewis Jones)
149 - Cool Coin Force (Lewis Jones)
150 Make My Day (Lewis Jones)

153 Magic From The United Kingdom
154 Influential Counts (Roy Walton) ,
155 Luck Versus Skill (R. Paul Wilson)
157 Tupelo Paul (R. Paul Wilson)
159 The Con-Cam Coincidence (R. Paul Wilson)
160 Card At Any Number (Gordon Bruce)
162 The Power Of Two (Roy Walton)
164 The Power Of Two - The Aftermath (Steve Beam)
167 The Birmingham Switch (Keith Bennett)
168 Him (Trevor Lewis)
169 Recycling Si (Paul Martin)
170 YAMFACAAN (R. Paul Wilson)

171 Down/Under Deals
174 Australian Crawl - Revisited (Steve Beam)
175 Double Under-Down Deal (lewis Jones)
177 One is the Loneliest Number (Steve Beam)
179 Maybe (Steve Beam)
180 Flash Cards (Steve Beam)
183 Super Vision (Steve Beam)
185 Milk Duds (Steve Beam)
186 The Every Other Card Trick (Steve Beam)
186 Nice Duds (Steve Beam)
187 No (John Bannon)
188 Down Under the Bar (Raj Madhok),
189 Australian Curry II (R Paul Wilson)
190 Double Barreled (Tom Craven)
192 Love the Duds (Steve Beam)
193 Bottoms-Up Force (Steve Beam)
195 Kermit the Leapfrog (Marly Kane)

198 Revelations
199 Ode To Ose (Ryan Swigert)
201 The Plucker (Scott Robinson)
203 Scorecard (Steve Beam)
205 Storecard II (Steve Beam)
206 Cut Deeper Force - Sleight Variation (Steve Beam)
207 Scorecard III (Steve Beam)
207 Scorecard IV (Steve Beam)
208 Press Pie Digit Eight! (Marty Kane)
210 Wring Around the Collar (Marty Kane)
211 The Daley Double (John Bannon)
213 Altar Ego (Marty Kane)
214 Color Guard (JetTMcBride)
217 Gravity Unmatched (Adam Rubin)
220 Cursed By An Fvil Spell (Marty Kane)
221 Finger Flinger (Many Kane & Steve Beam)

227 The Magic of Ramon Rioboo
228 Insurance Card (Ramon Rioboo)
230 My System to Show Red & Blue Backs (Ramon Rioboo)
231 Control Freak (Ramon Rioboo)
233 Control Tweak (Ramon Rioboo)
233 The Hole Theory (Ramon Rioboo)
235 The Defibrillator (Ramon Rioboo)
238 Deal Or No Deal (Ramon Rioboo)
240 No Comprendo (Ramon Rioboo)
242 The Tattletale Card (Ramon Rioboo)
243 Creating A Rift (Ramon Rioboo)
245 Separation Anxiety (Ramon Rioboo)
246 Spanish Roulette (Ramon Rioboo)
247 Triumvirate (Ramon Rioboo)
250 Premature Eradication (Ramon Rioboo)
252 The Difficult, the Improbable, and the Impossible (Ramon Rioboo)

255 Pseudo Shuffles
256 Drunken Shuffle (Jerry Andrus)
257 The Joystick (Steve Beam)
258 Cut & Paste (Steve Beam)
259 Overlap (R Paul Wilson)
260 Stock Answer (Steve Beam)
261 Livestock (Steve Beam)
262 Stock Out Shuffle (Steve Beam)
263 Up Chuck False Shuffle (Steve Beam)
264 The Spring Roll (Steve Beam)
265 Calling Cards (Steve Beam)
267 Reordered (Steve Beam)
268 Running The Scales (Steve Beam)
269 Mating Ritual (Steve Beam)
272 Out-Stripped (Joe Rindfleisch)
273 Scuffle (Steve Beam)

274 Updates
275 Spam Filter II (Steve Beam)
281 The Rip-Off (Scott Robinson)
282 Soiling The Deck (David Solomon)
283 The Full Monte (Steve Beam)
284 Curiously Counted (Caleb Wiles)
285 Training Max's Box (Scott Robinson)
287 Color Match (Joe Anderson)

290 Moves
291 Break-Up Control (R Paul Wilson)
292 Swivel Rocker (R Paul Wilson)
294 Double Cross Force (R Paul Wilson)
295 Squeeze Control (Yves Cabernet)
296 In-Box (Doug Canning)
297 Key Card Access (Steve Beam)
298 Buttery Spread (Scott Robinson)
300 Another Flipping Force (Steve Beam)
301 The Fifth Coincidence (Steve Beam)