Steve Beam: Vienna Notes
Beam, Steve: Vienna Notes
©1995 Steve Beam, Trapdoor Productions, NC
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 16 pages
Steve Beam Vienna Notes

Comments: Special lecture for Vienna, Austria

Contents (from book):

1 Killocation: an indifferent card helps the magician count to the selection
3 The Shuffle: used for the next effect
3 Queen Charlier: cutting of the Queens performed in the hands
5 Tenkai Charlie: card move for ambitious card and more
6 Out on a Limb: card flourish
7 Limb Lead-In: a quick vanish and reappearance of a card
8 Prayer Production (Don Morris): quick production of a selected card
9 Opening Stab: an envelope is inserted into a new-order deck where a missing card would be located, and the prediction in the envelope matches
9 Pleasant Under Glass: coin penetrates an upside down glass
10 The Power Link (Stephen Kradolfer): two rubber bands link and unlink
12 Robber Bands (Scott Robinson): ending for Jerry Andrus' The Andrus Bands published in Trapdoor issue 33
13 Silver Sequence: vanish and reproduction of a coin
15 Middle Gauge Spread: two spectators find the selection of a third
16 By Steve Beam: advertisement for Steve's books