Gordon Bean & Bill Goodwin: The Penumbra
Bean, Gordon & Bill Goodwin: The Penumbra
©2002 Gordon Bean & Bill Goodwin
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 15-20 pages each
              & Goodwin: The Penumbra
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Comments: Penumbra was a bi-monthy magic magazine issued from June 2002 to November 2009, for a total of 11 issues (information Bill Goodwin Magic), with some irregularity. For example, Issue 11 was issued in 2009, while issue 10 was issued in 2006.

Contents (courtesy TheMagicFiles.com (no longer active and Bill Goodwin Magic):

No. 1, May-June 2002  (18 pages)
2 51 Faces North (Stewart James) : James' solution for Paul Curry's Open Prediction
10 Power Trip (Phil Goldstein): Mentally transfer energy from one battery to another
12 Tie Food (Gordon Bean): coin travels through a tie
14 King Brand (Bill Goodwin): Two Kings transpose with Two Fours

No. 2, July-August 2002  (18 pages)
2 Pinkerton's Ladies (Roy Walton): Two queens melt through the deck to trap the selection
3 Mismatched (Ray Kosby): matchbook turns inside out
6 Don't Judge (Michael Weber): blank matchbook visually prints
6 Internal Script (Michael Weber): spectator's initials jump from outside the matchbook to inside
7 Recollected Collectors (Guy Hollingworth): version of Roy Walton classic
10 Bits (John Carney): Silver Dollar to four pieces to four quarters
12 One Good Winner (Allan Ackerman): version of Goodwin's King Brand from issue 1
15 Corner Kick (Gordon Bean): card with missing corner transposes with whole card
18 Room 51

No. 3, September-October 2002 (18 pages)
2 The Continental Divide (Lee Asher): face up deck is mixed and instantly righted
6 Exhibit "A" (David Regal): red backed card becomes the selection from a blue-backed deck
9 The King is Gone But Not Forgotten (Aaron Fisher): handling of Goodwin's King Brand from issue 1
12 Palm Burst (Nathan Kranzo): Starburst candy penetrates the hand
15 Room 51
15 Northern Light (JK Hartman): version of 51 Faces North

No. 4, November-December 2002  (18 pages)
2 Neo Purse Frame Routine (Shoot Ogawa): coin and purse frame routine with Jumbo coin production
11 Royal Mayo (David Solomon): two Jokers produce a Royal Flush
12 Intuition Monte (Steve Ehlers): Spectator's intuition finds a card, and then causes packet to transform to 4 of a kind
15 Pinkerton's Surprise (Roy Walton, Shannon Clark, Bill Goodwin): surprise ending for Walton's Pinkerton's Ladies from Issue 2
16 Corner Kicked Again (Ryan Matney): another look at Corner Kick from issue 2
17 Further On "The Continental Divide" (JK Hartman)
17 Room 51
17 51 Paces North (Allan Slaight): anther take

No. 5, January-February 2003  (22 pages)
2 A Double Shot (Jim Patton): two selected cards fly out of the deck
7 The California Angels (Bruce Cervon): Four Ace discovery
13 The Cherry Control (Ricky Smith): control of a card to the top
15 Color Scheming (JK Hartman): version of Asher's Continental Divide from Issue 3
18 Business Trip (Patrick Schlagel): Finger ring penetrates finger
21 Centrifugal Nightmare (Scott SteelFyre: hands-off finale for Professor's Nightmare

No. 6, March-April 2003  (18 pages)
2 A False Cut (Ernest Earick): full-deck false cut
4 A Hand For Mr. Scarne (Ernest Earick): humorous poker deal
10 Normal Mailer (Phil Goldstein): prediction effect using daily mail
12 A Fan-tastic Control (Harvey Rosenthal): control of selection to top
15 The Spider Cut (Jack Carpenter): in-the-hands false cut

No. 7, February 2004  (18 pages)
2 Acorn's Progress (Ray Walton): Face up card transforms into winning poker hand
3 Mirrorskill (Harrison Kaplan): version of Stewart James' Miraskill
7 The Gypsy Foretells Further Than Farther (Cushing Stout): Stewart James' Further Than That using a Gypsy Witch deck
10 Ear Candy (Nathan Kranzo): Gummi Bear in mouth comes out the ear
12 Déjà vu Cut (Chris Randall): flourish false cut
16 Slap! (Shahin Zarkesch & Bill Goodwin): selected card vanishes from Aces, is removed from pocket and transforms to four Aces

No. 8, July 2004  (18 pages)
2 Constellation Prize (Justin Hanes): magician predicts which star will be chosen from the night sky
4 A.M. (Norman Gilbreath): handling of Mirrorskill from issue 7
8 The Card Of Fortune (Andrew Galloway): One card helps locate four of a kind
10 The Queens (Bill Goodwin): four Queens vanish and reappear one at a time

No. 9, October 2005 (18 pages)
1 One Hand Washes the Other (Gordon Bean):
2 Bunny Ears (Bill Goodwin):
2 Muy Bueno Shuffle (BJ Bueno): tabled false shuffle
7 Simulated Slip Cut (Allen Ackerman): tabled slip cut
9 Coverted Up (J.K. Hartman): selection appears face up on top of deck
12 Bertram, Braue, and Ben (David Ben): Texas Hold'em demonstration
16 The Maddox Slack (Michael Maddox): poker demonstration

No. 10, March 2006 (18 pages)
2 The Sound of One Coin Clinking (David Gripenwaldt): two quarters to a half dollar
5 Perfect Order (Shoot Ogawa): in the hands Triumph
11 Triple Alliance (Roy Walton): four Queens transpose with selection and deck turns face up
13 Color Shuffles Part One (Ronald A. Wohl): part one of a full treatise including 12 applications

No. 11, November 2009 (18 pages, sorry, no page numbers):
Color Shuffles Part Two (Ronald Wohl): part two of this treatise
A Spectator Named Kennedy (Michael Weber): impromptu poker deal
'N Synch (Raj Madhok & Gregory Wilson): magician reads mind of spectator miles away
Tell a Phony Too (Raj Madhok): version of Eddie Fields' Tell-a-Phony
'N Synch 2 (Raj Madhok): another method
The Open Ditch (Bill Kalush): Open prediction plot
The Two-Ton Prophet (Gordon Bean): magician announces location of card before identity is revealed