Beaumont, Dr. Henry: The Famous 3 Shell Game
©1975, Dr. Henry Beaumont
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 13 pages
              Famous 3 Shell Game
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Comments: "An in-depth study on the art of humor and prestidigitation with 'the forbidden secrets of the 3 shells...' as presented by Dr. Beaumont in his Great Southeastern Medicine Show & Tent Revival." Dr. Beaumont is the stage name for Doug D. Bush. A presentation for the Three Shell Routine with a focus on entertainment.


1 In Front: intro to the routine
2 In Memoriam
3 Equipment: the shells, the pea, the surface
5 The Mechanics
5 The Basic Position
6 The Kick Steal
7 The Operation: explains the pattern used
9 Outs: 2 ways to get out of the spectator selecting the correct shell
10 Highlights: pointers
11 Beaumont Speaks on Gambling: to wager or not to wager
13 The Patter: Dr. Beaumont's presentation