Larry Becker & Lee Earle: Mentalism Super Symposium II
Becker, Larry & Lee Earle: Mentalism Super Symposium II
©2004 (circa) Lee Earle & Larry Becker
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 50 pages
Becker & Earle: Mentalism Super Symposium II
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Comments: Mentalism Master Class

Contents (from book ToC, descriptions from eBay description):

1 Introductions
4 Casino Light: variation of impossible prediction routine
11 The Golden Oldie: magic square routine with no memorization
14 Invisible Coinetic: new presentation of Larry’s Ultra-Coinetic coin version of invisible deck
17 Marker Mentalism: A psychometry routine.
33 Super Serial Killer B99527507A: reading a bill serial number
38 The Tender Touch: Tell number of cards in separated deck through touch
39 This Gift’s For You: magician’s choice routine using people
41 The Compelling Key: Use a padlock to find the spectator with the key to unlock it
43 Keys Royale - Updated!: another key/lock wherein the spectator is successful
45 Emergency Q&A: bold question and answer method