Becker, Larry, Jeff Busby (editor): Mentalism for Magicians
©1981 Busby-Corin, Inc., CA
Softcover, comb-bound, 66 pages

Mentalism for
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Larry Becker: Mentalism for Magicians

Comments: Artwork by Don Albrecht

Contents (from book, descriptions updated Oct 2017)

1 Monte Inferno: version of Bank Nite or Just Chance
5 Ultimate Matrix (Terry Nosek): an addition prediction
7 - Alternate Routine
10 Flip-Flop Flush: gambling demonstration
13 - Flip Flop Force
13 - Flip Flop Prediction
15 Bucking The Odds: magician wins a bet of how many bills are left in an envelope
19 The Stress Test & The Black Spot: magician names which spectator is holding which chip
23 - The Black Spot: another version
25 King's Row: magician determines which of four Jumbo Kings the spectator mentally selected
27 Heads Or Tails: clever prediction envelope
30 Money Monte: magician can tell which bill in envelope has a number written on it
33 The Little Black Book: gambler's letter supplies a missing card to make a Straight Flush
39 Headliner: headline prediction
42 Mind Blaster - Stage Version: Jumbo ESP Deck prediction
45 Edmund E.S.P. Tester
49 Dynamation: after a shuffle from an electric card shuffler and a 5 card deal, magician determines which cards are in the hand
52 Impromptu ESPitome: magician and spectator end up with matching pairs of cards
55 The Conversion Principle
55 - Countdown Prediction: simple prediction using the principle
57 - Ten Cards Only
57 - Millionaire's Rummy: spectator wins applause
58 - Headline Countdown: headline prediction
59 - Other Suggestions
60 - The Conversion Principle
60 - Counterspy: spectator finds the spy card
63 - Mind Probe: for ESP cards
63 - Personality Test: for the reader
64 - The Magic Spell: spelling to a duplicate card
66 - Additional Ideas