Becker, Larry: Larry Becker's Stunners! Plus!
©2003 Published by Aplar Publishing
Hardcover, 680 Pages

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Larry Becker: Stunners Plus!
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Comments (Stephane Labbé): Edited by Robert Bluemle & Gayle Glade. Illustrated by Lee Earle. "...more than 100 killer mental routines using books, coins, paper currency, cards, pencils, pens, watches, newspapers, boxes, props, no props, and so much more. You'll get some of the most baffling and entertaining mental effects ever created, all bearing the Becker hallmarks of maximum entertainment potential and simplicity of working."

Contents: (from book, updated slightly Dec 2019, shortened details):

The Original Stunners, ©2002, Third Edition.

4 Acknowledgment
5 Dedication
14 Foreword (Larry White)
16 Preface
18 Introduction (Robert L. Bluemle)
21 Life on the Wrong Side of the Brain: an imperfect autobiographical recollection

32 Monte Crispo: Spectator's signed $20 bill is mixed in envelopes, all envelopes shredded but one, and bill is not there, but is found in Insurance Policy.
39 Digitellus: performer predicts total of additions made starting from two random numbers
43 Q&A - How Important Is It To Perform Only Effects That You Have Created?
43 Bear Minimum: performer wins the $100 in a quick card game, but spectator gets a teddy bear
46 The Berlin Bears (Ted Lesley): A book test, and almost as an afterthought, performer predicts the name of the spectator and which prize she chose.
54 Sneak Thief: performer correctly identifies which 3 spectators drew which picture, and duplicates the fourth spectator's drawing
60 Sneaky Two: version using a deck of playing cards
65 Intuition: top card on one pile is predicted by card in the card box
67 - Stage Version
68 Get The Picture (Larry White): 'X-ray vision' design duplication using two opaque manila envelopes.
71 - Variations On a Theme: other uses for the gimmick
71 -- Playing Cards (Steve Dusheck)
71 -- Brain Wave (Alan Wassilak)
71 -- Prediction (Dan Tong)
72 -- Book Test (Steve Dusheck)
72 -- Colored Writing (Steve Dusheck)
73 -- Wordarama (Larry Becker)
73 -- Stand-Up Modification (Larry Becker)
74 The $99.95 Miracle: Dick Tracy mystery routine utilizing a two-channel pen recorder
78 Q&A What Are Your Pet Peeves About Mentalism?
79 All-Star Miracle: Baseball card prediction
83 - A Guest Presentation (Roger L. Omanson): another approach
88 Q&A What Other Creators of Mental Effects Do You Admire?
89 Gaff-Free Duo: Performer and audience randomly derive a hotel name and room number that matches the key
91 - Minding the Store, Again: variation of Ned Rutledge's Minding the Store, using the same method
94 Hypnotic: performer wins the poker hand by seemingly hypnotizing the spectators
97 - Alternate Handling
98 Q&A Can Music Be Integrated Into a Mentalism Act?
99 Midnight Miracle: drawing duplication using a special envelope used to exchange billets or other small items, originally used in a coin effect
104 Switcheroo: used for a Stage bill switch
106 Q&A What Is Your Response To Those Who Might Consider Your Effects Too Magicy?
107 The Becker Bevel: Performer has spectator cut deck, and name selected card. Performer instantly names card next to it as a feat of memorization. Uses the Becker Bevel force.
110 Q&A Any Suggestions As To How To Use Humor Or Comedy In Mentalism?
111 The Revenger: performer predicts which of three sound effects will be chosen
113 - Detecto (Larry White): using the same sound effect box, but used for a coin revelation
115 Bank Night Baffler (Lee Earle): Lee's approach to 'Bank Nite', where only one key opens the lock to $100
119 Q&A Do You Have Any Observation About The Impact Of Magic or Mentalism On Your Marriage?
120 Casino Caper: performer predicts outcome of Roulette, Black Jack and Craps.
124 - Variation
125 Q&A Will Any Psychic Entertainer Ever Gain the Prominence of Dunninger or Geller?
126 Casino Royale: Performer predicts which casino a spectator will visit, how much he'll wager, and the outcome of a Black Jack hand.
135 Q&A What Is Your Definition of a Good Mental Effect?
136 Some Total Radio (Richard Osterlind): adaptation of Larry Becker's 'Some Total' designed for radio talk show
141 The Borgia Bash: Seemingly hypnotized spectator picks the predicted invisible glass of wine while rejecting the poison
144 Shuffler II: update to original 'Shuffler' enables you to maintain a card stack despite repeated mixing in an electric card shuffler.
148 Q&A How Do You Rehearse?
149 The RothBeck Box (Larry Becker; Roy Roth): performer divines number on a die in a special box you can make
152 X-The Unknown (Leo Boudreau): ESP test using a CHaSeD stack and a special two-sided card
156 Triple Threat
156 - Laser Gazer: ESP divination using erasable markers
159 - Crystal Eyes: alternate ending
160 - Witch-Watch: spectator divines the brand of watch worn by performer using a special memory watch
163 Q&A What Are The Biggest Failings of Most Psychic Entertainers?
164 Flushed and Headliner:
164 - Flushed: spectator chooses one of five cards of a Royal Flush, and then finds the match in a regular deck
167 - Headliner: variation where a newspaper headline displays the selection
168 Power of Suggestion: spectator is hypnotized and cannot see his selection in the deck, and the magician also divines the value
173 Q&A Against A Background Of A Contemporary High Degree of Interest in “New Age” Matters, Why Isn't Psychic Entertainment More Sought After?
174 The Howard Hughes Headline Prediction: Headline prediction with newspaper test and comedy
179 Mail Mental: coin in a Lippencott box has the price predicted by the Spectators
182 Q&A How Can Psychic Entertainment Be Made More Entertaining?
183 Match Game:
183 - Punch Lines: comedic version of Larry's 'Will The Cards Match.'
186 - The Ultimate Match Up: variation ending in matching poker hands
190 Psycho II: performer determines reversed ESP card in a nest of envelopes
194 Q&A What Importance Does Audience Belief Play in a Successful Mentalist's Performance?
195 Terminal Psycho: Larry's final version of Psycho ESP card divination
199 Kliptomaniac: performer predicts the outcome of properly matching the date of three coins in envelopes; uses a gaffed coin
203 - Kliptomaniac Variation: variation where performer determines which envelope holds the spectator's initialed coin
205 Q&A How Do You Feel About Disclaimers?
206 Game Show: A "Price is Right' prediction using Paul Flory's 5040 Prediction method
209 Clearly Predictable: headline and card prediction mailed before the show even starts
220 Q&A Can Both Magic and Mentalism Be Successfully Combined in a Performance? Why? How?
221 The Nostradamus Prediction Chest:
222 - The Incredible Nostradamus Prediction Chests: original ad copy; cassette locked in two nesting boxes correctly predicts a headline two days into the future
224 - Advertisement Background
224 - Effect #1: audio cassette headline prediction
225 - Effect #2: classified ad stored in chest matches current paper's signed classified ad
226 - Effect #3: city, number and word recorded and stored in chests pre-show are divined during later performance
227 - The Secret: and how to perform Effects 1, 2 and 3; with variations
237 Q&A Do You Record Your Act? What Use Do You Make Out of It?
238 Club Kicker: cards eliminated from a Bridge hand leaves five, which are all divined by the performer
241 Q&A How Do You Feel About the Use of Playing Cards in a Psychic Performance?
242 SlopPsi Turvy: spectator finds his signed card in a Slop-Shuffled deck
246 Mind Probe: performer predicts which digit in a dollar bill serial number will be selected
248 - For Stage Use
249 Two O'Thoughts
249 - Mind Mirror: performer divines card and time selected in a card dial
251 - Cardology: variation relating the deck to astrology reading
255 Q&A If You Were Asked To Construct And Direct A Mental Act To Be Performed By Another, What Type Of Effects Would You Include? What Type Of Effect Would You Suggest For An Opener? For A Closer?
256 Hour of Destiny:
257 - The Effect: version of the Clock effect using a pocket-watch, around the story of Slippery Sam's poker hand.
260 - A More Dramatic Presentation: around a life-changing event
262 - The Saga Continues: another idea
265 Q&A How Does, Or Should, The Performance Of Mentalism Differ From The Performance Of Magic?
266 Boxxed: the custom nesting drawer boxes Larry had made for this effect
267 - Effect #1: performer divines card in two nested boxes sealed with rubber bands
269 - Effect #2: performer determines number upmost on a die in the nested boxes
272 - Extra Added Attraction: special feature of the boxes
273 Q&A What Advice Do You Have For Magicians Who Would Like To Create A Complete Act Of Mentalism?
274 Serial Killer: portions of serial numbers from three chosen dollar bills are combined, and match the serial number of a bill in a sealed envelope
279 The Diffusion Principle: a bill vanishes from a Becker Coin Purse, to appear in an acrylic frame - and the serial number matches
284 Q&A What Is Your Definition Of A Good Mental Effect?
284 X Rated Stuff:
285 - X Marks the Spot: spectator selects only card with an X on the back, uses a Pop-Eyed Popper deck
286 - My Favorite Card: using this technique to perform "Bear Minimum"
289 Q&A How Did You Learn To Walk On Stage, Use A Microphone, Handle Volunteers And All Other Elements Of Stagecraft? How Can Others Learn It?
290 The Becker Coin Purse Mysteries: the development of the switch purse
292 - Just Chance: performer correctly predicts the order in which the spectator will select four coin purses
296 - Spectral Safari: purse contains a prediction of which animal is selected
298 - Descripto: paper in purse perfectly describes the spectator left standing after an elimination process
299 - Divination: performer divines the serial number of a selected bill
301 - A Tip From Lee (Earle): adaptation of Bill Divination
302 Q&A What’s The Most Powerful Performing Moment You’Ve Ever Experienced?
303 Unbalanced: performer determines the selected Tarot Card, uses the slop-shuffle
306 Q&A Other Than “Russian Roulette,” Your Obvious First Choice, Which Of Your Creations Tickles Your “M” Spot?
307 Super Reflecta-Thot (Richard Stride and Larry Becker): performer provides the definition of a word selected from among 100's.
323 Q&A  Is Mentalism Being Debased By Encouraging Magicians To Do More Mentalism?
324 What Goes Around: clever use of a zip code to mark your business card
325 - Mini-Deck: using performer's business cards as a mini-deck of cards, the performer determines the spectator's selection
326 - Jeopardy Zip: performer matches TV shows written on cards with spectator who wrote it
326 - Psych-Zip: performer describes objects while blindfolded and identifies the owner
326 - Zip-Lock: a Just Chance style routine
327 - Emotional Zip: performer matches the spectator's emotion written on a business card
327 - Explanations
331 Ultra Coinetic: spectator correctly determines which coin in a special envelope you can make
333 - The Marketed Version: original instructions from the commercial version
337 - The Ghost Coin: version using invisible coins
337 - Ultra-Keynetic: the found key opens the lock
338 - The Room Service Concept: spectator finds the proper room number
339 - Doubling Up: increasing the number of items from 6 to 12
340 Q&A Do You Use a Stooge? An Instant Stooge?
341 Subliminal Persuasion: spectator names word transmitted subliminally through a cassette tape recording
344 Transparen-See: performer duplicates spectator's drawing done in invisible ink, using a special wallet you may already own
347 - Pre-Show Variation
349 - Addendum: thoughts on scouring the toy stores
351 Q&A How Do You Feel About Using an Assistant?
352 Q&A What Do You Really Feel Is Most Important In Advancing One’S Career As A Performer?
353 Ultimate Flashback: book test using Larry's specially prepared books
353 - The Original: using two examinable books
356 - The Basic Handling
359 - Coincidence: and spectator choose same word
360 - Three Down Three To Go: determining the words chosen by three spectators
360 - Hoy Plus: Larry's gaffed book version
361 - The Elak Influence: a book test using a name, and also a dictionary revelation
365 Test Conditions: prediction matches top card freely chosen from top of three piles, using a clever "Monte" move
367 - Variation: using an Invisible deck
370 Stop: warning page about the Russian Roulette routine
371 Russian Roulette: using Blank guns and one empty gun, but even a Blank Gun up close is deadly
371 - In the Beginning: almost deadly failures
375 - The Effect: guns are chosen from a spinning carousal and handed to the blindfolded performer, who senses if the gun is loaded or not

387 APPENDIX I: The Double Undercut

387 APPENDIX II: The Charlier Shuffle

389 Q&A What is Your Assessment of the Direction of Mentalism in the Next Decade?

390 The Post Stunners Decade: additions
391 Excerpt from Reviews of Performances and Lectures
398 Ace Revisited: Larry's approach to Ace Gorham's Dictionary test
402 Invisible Coinetic: invisible objects placed into imaginary envelopes are subsequently dumped out of real envelopes
404 The Force Be With You: spectator uses cards to determine lock combo to release his finger ring and fails, but performer unlocks it
407 Sweet Intuition: spectator wins the prize by selecting the right playing card
409 Tribute to Stewart James: approach to Miraskill; performer predicts how many red & blue cards
412 Lightning Thot*: a visual coding method to alert assistant to a number
412 Extra Sensory Deception: ESP card divination
416 Crowd Pleaser: spectator chooses the key that wins $100
418 April's Not-So-Magic Square: number derived from a matrix match the magic square number
423 Al Zymer Graphology: a summary of handwriting analysis, with an example of use in performance
428 The 'F' Gambit: using a puzzle for publicity
430 The Power of Suggestion III: spectator's imagined picture card becomes face up in a face down packet
433 Zenneristic: performer draws duplicate of spectator's imagined ESP card symbol
439 Paper Fortune Cookie: cards are eliminated until one remains, which matches a paper fortune cookie prediction
445 Star Struck: performer predicts which card an in which envelope a spectator will choose
447 Lucky Digits: bank nite type of effect using the same principle
449 Super Serial Killer: dollar bill serial number divination
453 Sneak Thief Supreme: updated multiple prediction, based on horoscopes
460 Some Total UpDate: 111,111 number effect
463 Mensa-Mental: puzzle mentalism for publicity

467 Advertising & Instructions for Larry Becker's Exclusive Commercial Material
469 Insight Wallet: advertisement
470 - Instructions
472 -- Extra Added Attraction!
473 -- The Incredible Insight Routine - My Favorite
478 Ultimate Flashback: book test ad
479 - Instructions
481 -- The Basic Handling
485 -- Hoy Plus
487 -- The Elak Influence
492 - Mom & Pop Together
497 - A Previously Untipped Tip
498 - For Those Of You Who Travel Light
500 Out Of Body 2: advertisement
501 - Out of Body 2 Routine (with Larry White)
508 Blockbuster Wallet: advertisement, Bendix Wallet
509 - Instructions
513 -- My Favorite Blockbuster Routine
515 The Chameleon Chest: advertisement
516 - Instructions
518 -- Routine #1 Super Shopper
520 -- Routine #2 Challenge Headline Prediction
523 -- Routine #3 Ultimate Q&A
524 -- Routine #4 Money Matters
526 -- Routine #5 Number Necromancy
528 -- Routine #6 Mirror Images
529 -- Routine #7 The Executive Suggestion Box
529 -- Routine #8 The Comedy Election
530 -- Some Additional Thoughts and Addendum
532 Improved Universal Coin Purse: advertisement
533 - Instructions
534 -- Spectral Safari
536 -- Descripto
537 -- Serial Number Divination
539 Versadex Wallet: advertisement
540 - Instructions
540 -- Routine #1
543 -- Routine #2
545 -- Effect #3
547 -- Effect #4
552 The Flasher: advertisement
553 - Instructions
558 -- Readin', Writin', & 'Rithmetic
559 -- Another Book Test
561 The Incredible Wallet: advertisement
562 - Instructions
564 -- Incredible Wallet Addendum
566 -- Addendum to the Incredible Wallet
570 Here, There & Everywhere: advertisement
571 - Instructions
575 -- Synchronicity of Thought
577 Casino Light: advertisement
578 - Instructions
585 -- Bonus Effects Using Larry Becker's Coin Purse
586 -- Spectral Seance
587 -- Serial Number Divination
580 -- Another Bonus Effect Using the Becker Holdout
591 Marker Mentalism: advertisement
592 - Instructions
592 -- Ultimate Psychometry
595 -- Invisible Pre-Show
600 The Infallible $5000 Challenge Prediction: advertisement
603 - The Infallible Prediction Instructions
608 Boxxed: advertisement
609 - Instructions
613 Incredible 'Audio Prediction': advertisement
614 - Incredible Audio Prediction Instructions
617 -- Another Opener
619 -- Phantasm Supreme
624 PsiClops: Advertisement
625 - Instructions
634 -- The Incredible PsiClops Bonus Effect
639 -- A Major Improvement
642 Spirit Frame: advertisement and description
644 Virtuosity:  advertisement
645 - Instructions
649 -- Variations
654 -- Additional Instructions
656 -- Another Effect
657 Visual$Aid
658 - Instructions for Visual Aid
663 Larry Becker's UTC System: advertisement
664 - Instructions
666 -- Variation #1-7
674 -- Another Design Duplication