Becker, Larry: World of Super Mentalism I
©1977 1st Edition, Aplar Magical Creations
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 154 pages

©1978 Louis Tannen, NY
Becker: World of
              Super Mentalism I
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2 Acknowledgment
3 It's in the Bag: thoughts of three spectators revealed, no-gimmicks
6 Four-Told: horoscope reading with a prediction
9 Four-Told II
11 Some Total: addition effect
16 Astrodice: discern a number on a die under a cup
18 Astrodice II
21 Perplexing ESP Plaques
27 Predict-A-Mania II
29 Reflecta-Thot
38 Simpli-City
40 Midas Mentalism
42 The 13th Card
45 Improved Haunted House
48 Computer Dating
50 The 35 Millimiracle
52 35 Millimiracle II
54 Ultraffinity
58 Mental Case
62 The Vampire Spell: eerie tale climaxing in destruction of Dracula
65 Hot Seat: stage prediction with four spectators
68 Track Record: spectator picks winner of a recorded race
72 Digitation: prediction of a mentally selected number
75 Dynamic Duo: two person mentalism
76 Tell-A-Phone
78 Thunderbolt: stage mental effect
83 Epilogue