Becker, Larry: Myth Mash!
Larry Becker's Mental Card Lecture for Magicians Who Hate Card Tricks
1990, Larry Becker (self-published)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x.5", 15 pages
Becker: Myth Mash!
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Comments (Philip Sweeting): a great little set of lecture notes with several very practical mental effects utilizing cards


1 Cardology: a prediction effect based on the old 'clock' principle but with a number of subtleties to this which make it much more effective. The spectator can freely shuffle the deck beforehand for a start. Great trick.
3 Laser Gazer and Crystal-Eyes: this is an ESP prediction effect with two alternative revelations.
6 Casino Caper: this is a gambling themed 1-ahead trick. A nice routine and even if you don't use it like this, the card force is excellent and could be utilised in other routines.
10 Intuition: a nice little card prediction. Looks clean. 'Gimmick' requires a bit of construction.
12 Headliner: a very subtle principle involved in this card prediction.
14 Psi-Stebbins II: an improved version of an effect originally in 'World of Super Mentalism' Vol 2. A deck is freely shuffled and then whittled down to a handful of cards which the performer then reveals.