Jared Kopf: An Ear Full of Cider
Beck, Norman & Jared Kopf (editor): An Ear Full of Cider
©2006 Jared Brandon Kopf
Softcover spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 60 pages
Jared Kopf & Norman Beck: An Ear Full of Cider
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Comments: The Magic and Short Cons of Norman Beck

Contents (from book ToC, updated Jun 2023):

5 Preface (Chuck Smith)
7 Foreword (Norman Beck)
11 Introduction

13 The Six Dollar Mentalist: telepathy and precognition using cards and bills
15 John Murray's One Hand Bottom Deal
20 Dribble Bottom Force
21 A Simple Stop Trick - The One Hand Greek Deal
23 It Takes the Brain of a Bridge Player: An impossible location
26 Under Your Hand: another effect with cards and bills
28 Mini-pearl
30 Oil and Water - What to Say
32 In My Pocket
34 Slop Shuffle Cull Stack
36 Hotel Bills: mathematical paradox using real money
38 Card Under Spectator's Watch
40 Squeeze Force
42 Squeeze Switch: for cards
44 Free Ticket
45 Olympic Record: card changes in spectator's hands
48 The Y Trick
50 The Wish Trick
52 A Forsaken Tool
54 The Growing Ring
56 Slick Card to Pocket
57 Tenkai Pennies Revisited

60 A Final Thought