Behnke, Leo: Folding Coin
Magic City Library of Magic Volume 6
©1990 Magic City
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 31 pages
Magic City Library of Magic Folding Coin
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Comments: The Magic City Library of Magic series are oriented toward the beginner and provide basic introductions to each subject. They are relatively inexpensive, as well.

Contents (updated with page numbers and descriptions):

5 Secret Basics
6 Care and Maintenance: cleaning, re-banding, etc.

11 Basic Penetration
11 Coin in Bottle
14 Kitchen Magic: coin penetrates into a pint glass jar
15 Paper Penetration: knife blade penetrates coin through a paper
17 Imprisoned: coin penetrates a finger ring

20 Coin Productions
20 Washday Miracle: clothes-pin pushes a well into a handkerchief, and a coin is removed
21 Barehanded Production (Frank Lane): tap the table and produce a coin
22 Mammon on a Pedestal: unroll a dollar bill to reveal a coin
24 Making a Profit: coin from bill using a TT

26 Odds and Ends
26 Coin Fold: a 'vanish' from folded paper
27 Buying Gum: gum stick becomes a coin
28 A Nice Tip: gag
28 Card Prediction: coin produced from between mini-playing cards

31 Bibliography: Coin in Bottle Plus (Johnny Thompson), Bobo's Modern Coin Magic; Magic Inc.'s Tricks With a Folded Coin