Behnke, Leo: Egg Bag
Magic City Library of Magic Volume 13
1991 Magic City
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 28pg

              Behnke: Magic City Library of Magic V14 Egg Bag
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Comments: Decent inexpensive introduction to the Egg Bag, with a nice routine by Don Lawton. It will probably leave you wanting more, however. Recommended.


5 The Basics
6 Variety of Bags: Construction, Parisian Handbag, Arnold DeBiere, Malinie, etc.
9 Vanishing Moves: Flattening, Twisting, Folding

12 Standard Routine by Don Lawton. Uses two eggs and a Devil's handkerchief. The bag is shown empty and an egg is magically produced. The egg is vanished in the bag, using the armpit gag. Arm is raised to show no egg, which is back in the bag. Fake explanation is provided: egg is vanished and is found in performer's sock. Spectator drops egg in Devil's Handkerchief, where it vanishes and reappears in the bag.

18 Other Ideas
19 Golf Green: golf ball and green bag
20 Summer Snowball (white ball and hat); Spare Time (watch), Money Time (gold egg and money bag)
21 Egg Farm: multiple strange egg production as performed by Mark Wilson on Magic Land of Allakazam
22 No Pocket Bags: use gimmicked ball
23 American Version: Collins Pentz pocketless routine with a hoo egg

26 Other Tricks
26 Ideas on using other props to specialize your trick

28 Bibliography