Leo Behnke: Fake Card Tricks
Behnke, Leo: Fake Card Tricks
©2002 Leo Behnke
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 63 pages

Available as an eBook
Leo Behnke: Fake Card Tricks
Image courtesy Don's Used Magic and Books

Comments: "Do super-looking tricks with crazy-looking cards. For Magic Castle Cards.". Originally came with a set of gimmicked cards. The gimmicked cards included: 3 double back red, 3 double back blue, 2 double back red/blue, 8 double face, 16 blank back, 8 blank face red back, 8 blank face blue back, 8 double blank. Available as an eBook from Lybrary.com

Contents (from book ToC):

1 A Little History
3 The Magic Castle Fake Deck

5 Double Back Cards
5 Two Card Monte
7 Turn It Over
8 Over and Over
10 Aces Change!
12 An Ambitious Card
15 Insto-Transpo
18 Will Power
20 Follow Me
22 Double Prediction

23 Red/Blue Double Back Cards
23 Chameleon Backs
25 Remote Control
27 Quick Transposition

31 Double Face Cards
31 Pocket Change
33 Aldini’s Prediction
35 It’s Vanished!
37 Cagliostro Cards
39 Hardin’s Cards
42 Germain’s Card Change
45 Double Whammy

50 Blank Cards
50 You’re Out of Cards
52 Two-Way Discovery
54 Black Brand
57 Four Blacks
59 My P-E-T Card Trick